Runner-Up Dragstrip
1967 Chevy Camaro

If we had a "Spirit of MCOTY" award to assign, Al Noe would definitely be the deserved winner. Noe (pronounced "noy") went through quite a lot both before and during the event to keep his homebuilt 1967 Camaro in the running, all while keeping a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

The Camaro is no newcomer to the Noe family; it's been with them for almost two decades with the first build coming together about 15 years ago. In that time it's racked up thousands of miles of driving and family adventure, but recently Noe decided it was time to infuse some fresh power into the Camaro. It wasn't just for bragging rights though; Noe actually gets the Camaro out for regular autocross, drag race, and road course work. With dozens of outings per year, Noe's driving skills had grown to the point that he was ready for some more speed. To make it happen, and keep the driveability and reliability needed for those family outings, Noe turned to BluePrint Engines for a fuel-injected 427ci LS engine packing 625 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. Noe handled the swap at home in his garage and got everything together and running just in time to hop in and drive it down to National Trail Raceway to make good on his MCOTY invitation.

The combo performed flawlessly on the way down, but typical teething problems on a new driveline combo popped up several times during MCOTY, keeping Noe in the pits more than he would have liked. At one point, with the Camaro on jackstands and only one autocross run recorded, we feared he might not be able to get his required three runs in for an official time. However, with the help of fellow MCOTY competitors, Noe got the Camaro running again with just minutes left on the event clock and ripped off two hot laps. Still smiling, of course. Noe said he'd like to make sure that his family/crew gets special thanks: Lisa, Allie, Daniel, and Michael, and Dale Ollie, Brian Craig, Todd Rumpke, and Danny Popp for their tools and help in the pre-autocross thrash!

1967 Chevy Camaro
Al Noe
Macedonia, OH

Type: 625 hp, 600 lb-ft of torque, 427ci LS by BluePrint Engines
Rotating assembly: BluePrint forged crank and rods with Mahle pistons
Cylinder heads: GMPP LS3
Camshaft: BluePrint Engines custom .624-/.624-inch lift, 239/255 degrees duration
Valvetrain: GM LS3
Induction: GM LS3, Aeromotive fuel rails, regulator
Exhaust: Kooks headers with Stainless Works exhaust
Ignition: GM

Transmission: Tremec TKO 600RR five-speed with Spec dual-disc clutch, Quick Time bellhousing, and McLeod hydraulic clutch actuation
Rearend: Moser 9-inch with 3.50 gears and Wavetrac diff, DSE mini-tubs installed by Tom Long

Front suspension: Stielow spindles with Gulstrand mod for control arm mount, RideTech coilovers, control arms, and sway bar
Rear suspension: Afco coilovers with RideTech four-link and sway bar
Steering: 1992 Camaro B4C box
Brakes: Baer Brakes four-piston Track kit front and rear
Wheels & tires: 17x9.5 and 17x11 American Racing Torq-Thrust II with 255/40 and 315/35 Nitto NT05

¼-mile Drag (best): 12.116 at 119.89 mph
⅛-mile Speed-Stop (avg.): 9.8053 seconds
Autocross (avg.): 52.108 seconds
Overall score: 98.436