For years, Mustang guys have had to listen to the Camaro boys go, "Neener-neener, my shoes are bigger than yours." Childish, yes, but with the tactical advantage and confidence that comes with a fat set of rear meats, it's hard not to gloat. While prefabricated mini-tub kits abound for both first- and second-gen F-bodies, Mustang owners seeking serious tire girth have been forced to gawk enviously at the 315mm-plus shoes stuffed into the back of their Pro Touring Camaro counterparts. Thanks to Detroit Speed & Engineering, however, 1964-70 Mustangs needn't feel like outcasts anymore. The company's new Deep Tub kits now make it possible to fit tires as large as 335mm wide into any early Mustang.

…new Deep Tub kits now make it possible to fit tires as large as 335mm wide into any early Mustang.

Undoubtedly, naysayers will quickly point out that you don't need a mini-tub kit to mini-tub a car. All you need is a good chassis guy to build you some custom containers for your back tires. The problem is that good chassis guys aren't exactly a dime a dozen, and if you find one, they might keep your car in chassis shop jail for months before slapping you with a big, fat bill. In contrast, the beauty of the DSE Deep Tub kit is that it transforms a weeklong project into a weekend project for the intrepid DIYer. Even for those blessed with the fabrication chops to build custom tubs from scratch, a turnkey kit like the DSE setup might save you money in the long run anyway once factoring in their measly $400 price tag. The Mustang Deep Tub kit includes a pair of 18-gauge steel wheeltubs, narrowed framerail sections, and reinforcement plates. The payoff is a set of tubs that measure up to 2.5 inches wider than stock, and space to accommodate some monster rear meats. To get a closer look at what's involved with tubbing an early Mustang, we followed along as DSE installed a set of Deep Tubs on its project 1966 Mustang fastback.