Project Nova Recommended Reading

Story: Date: Description:
“Power In A Package” Jan. 2010 Dart SHP 400 buildup and dyno test
“Introducing Project Nova” June 2010 Installing Dart 400 SHP into ’68 Nova
“Quick Makeover” July 2010 Trim, hood, bumpers, grille, tach update
“12 Bolts To Glory” Dec. 2010 Moser 12-bolt buildup with Wavetrac diff
“Obedience School” Jan. 2011 CPP front suspension and wheel/tire upgrade
“Turning Over A New Leaf” Apr. 2011 CPP rear leaf suspension upgrades
“Steering Solution” May 2011 CPP Series 500 14:1 ratio steering box
“Disco Tech” July 2011 CPP brake tech; 13- and 12-inch front and rear kits
“Boost Of Another Sort” Aug. 2011 CPP vacuum boost pump for vacuum brakes
“Stall Tactics” Sept. 2011 Phoenix Performance Switch-Pitch Turbo 400 trans tech
“Piping Up” Oct. 2011 Flowmaster and Hooker exhaust tech
“Tubular Tactics” Nov. 2011 Header modification for steering box clearance
“Life’s A Blast” Dec. 2011 Eastwood dual media blaster, paint removal tech—Video
“Door Prize” Jan. 2012 Door reskin how-to; Outlaw Motorsports
“Cutting Out The Cancer!” Feb. 2012 Patch panel repair how-to; Outlaw Motorsports
“Confined To Quarters” Mar. 2012 YearOne quarter-panel replacement how-to; Outlaw
“Smooth Move” Apr. 2012 Body panel rehab techniques; Outlaw Motorsports—Video
“Paint It Yourself!” May 2012 Body and paint restoration techniques; Outlaw Motorsports—Video
“Twist And Shout!” June 2012 Installing DSE subframe connectors & solid bushings
“Getting Wired Up!” Aug. 2012 Replacing wiring with Painless Performance universal kit—Video
“Hoop It Up” Sept. 2012 Installing an 8-point AME rollbar; Outlaw Motorsports—Video
“Making It Pan Out” Oct. 2012 Driver-side floor panel replacement how-to; Outlaw Motorsports—Video
“Gauges In Stages” Nov. 2012 Installing Auto Meter Elite Gauges in pod on Neon console—Video
“Dyno Tuning For Power” Dec. 2012 Chassis dyno tuning at Westech Performance—Video
“Bulletproof Overdrive” Dec. 2012 PerformaBuilt shows how they fortify their 700-R4 for 800 hp
“Perfect Panels” Jan. 2013 Custom fab package tray panels; Outlaw Motorsports—Video
Note: Any of the stories listed above can be found on by simply typing in the story name in the search box. Descriptions ending in “Video” have corresponding videos on the YouTube/PopularHotRodding video channel.