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“…the Silver State is an event for average Joes, guys who change their own oil and paint their own houses. They don’t have a team of engineers behind them.”

By The Numbers

“Resembling the stuff you’d see in NASCAR, the Hotrods To Hell rear geometry lends exceptional cornering ability to the Camaro…”

1969 Chevy Camaro

Tim Hulcher, 62, Crestline, CA


Type: Donovan-based big-block Chevy

Displacement: 540 ci

Block: cast-aluminum Donovan D500 tall-deck

Bore & stroke: 4.50x4.25 inches

Compression ratio: 13:1

Rotating assembly: Lunati forged crank and rods, JE forged pistons

Cylinder heads: aluminum Dart Pro 1 CNC, 345cc runner

Camshaft: CamMotion solid roller, 277/287 degrees at .050-inch lift, .780-/.790-inch lift

Valvetrain: COMP Cams Pro Magnum rocker arms, 1.72 ratio, aluminum stud girdles

Intake manifold: Hilborn

Engine management: Hilborn/Kinsler

Exhaust: 2.25-inch primary ceramic-coated headers, 3-inch merge collectors, dual side pipes

Oiling: Moroso dry-sump, 5-gallon capacity

Ignition: MSD Pro Billet distributor, coil, and 8.5mm wires

Cooling: custom aluminum core, dual electric fans

Output: approximately 900 hp

Built by: Hotrods To Hell of Anderson, CA (530-365-6561, www.HotrodsToHell.net)


Transmission: Tremec TKO 600, five-speed manual, McLeod Street Twin clutch

Rear end: Speedway Engineering GN Super Speedway floater, Strange forged centersection with 3.75-inch bearings, Detroit Locker, 3.20 gear


Frame: unibody Camaro, front clip tied to rear suspension with welded-in subframe connectors, full 10-point rollcage

Front suspension: Hotrods To Hell first-gen Roadrace front clip with double A-arms, coilovers, QA1 double-adjustable shocks, 1.24-inch sway bar

Rear suspension: Hotrods To Hell Centerdrive Truckarm, custom coil springs on screw jacks, Panhard bar

Steering: custom-built Woodward rack-and-pinion with 16:1 ratio

Brakes: Wilwood 4-piston GT calipers with 12.9x1.25-inch rotors (front); Wilwood 4-piston Dynalite calipers with 9-inch rotors (rear)

Wheels & tires: Circle Wheels custom wheels with forged centers, 17x9.5 (front), 17x11.5 (rear); BFGoodrich tires, 275/45R17 & 315/40R17