Both Kevin King and John Cunningham are big, burly dudes. You know, the kind you wouldn't want to tangle with at the local bar. While you wouldn't mistake the two of them for twins—at least not the identical kind—the parallel paths of their lives, the similarity of their interests, and the uncanny resemblance of the muscle cars each men chose to build suggests that DNA testing is the only way to conclusively determine whether or not the two are related.

Let's examine the facts, shall we? Both are 46 years old. Both hail from the South. Both love muscle cars. And both dreamed of someday building a '73 Trans Am after watching the '70s John Wayne flick McQ as kids. "I was a huge John Wayne fan growing up, and after watching McQ I always wanted a Brewster Green '73 Trans Am just like the one in the movie," Kevin says. Not surprisingly, John echoes those remarks. "I saw McQ at the drive-in with my dad when I was 10 years old, and I immediately fell in love with the body lines of the '73 Trans Am. Since that day, I have always wanted to build one," he says.

As is often the case for twins separated at birth, Kevin and John formulated identical plans while remaining completely oblivious to the other person's motives. "It's really weird how this all came together," John says. "Kevin and I have been friends for many years. When he stopped by my house a few years ago and saw my Trans Am sitting on a rotisserie, he mentioned that he had also just recently purchased a '73 Trans Am of his own. It was crazy that we just happened to be working on the same car at the same time."

From there, the two bounced ideas off of each other and realized that they had similar goals for their respective machines. Both men dreamed of wheeling full-tilt Pro Touring Ponchos boasting force-fed LS small-blocks, Detroit Speed and Engineering suspensions, overdrive transmissions, massive brakes, and comfy cabins. Nevertheless, since these Trans Ams are fraternal—not identical—twins, there are some obvious differences between them. Kevin's green machine gets the job done with twin turbos while John's red sled relies on an Edelbrock supercharger. Between the two of them, they put down a combined 1,350 hp, at the rear wheels, with the boost turned way down. Not surprisingly, both Trans Ams more than held their own at PHR's 2012 Muscle Car of the Year competition. Needless to say, any smug wanker who comes across either of these McQ-inspired machines in an overpriced exotic car is in for a serious surprise.