Johnny's Pick

1975 Olds Omega
Mark Weber Sturgeon Bay, WI

I am a big fan of forgotten cars, and Mark Weber’s ’75 Olds Omega is the poster child for cars well off the beaten path. It’s attractive and familiar looking, yet it’s curiously different on closer inspection. The thing that sealed it for me is the fact that Mark has collected all four fourth-gen X-bodies; he’s also got a ’77 Nova, a ’75 Pontiac Ventura, and a Buick Apollo. This one has the original 110hp 260ci Olds V-8, which makes it rare indeed. These cars were seldom hot rodded by the little old ladies who owned them, and can often be found in great shape for a great price; they truly make wonderful low-buck hot rods. Even after new paint and interior work, Mark says he’s got less than $9K in his mint Omega. While it’s not the fastest thing on the road, Mark has been able to afford collecting the entire stable of fourth-gen (’75-79) X-bodies for about the same price as a belly button ’69 Camaro. And this Olds, Mark says, also sounds great and knocks down good fuel economy with its stock Rochester DualJet carburetor.

By The Numbers

Engine: stock 260ci Olds V-8 with stock manifold, heads, and Rochester DualJet carburetor

Trans: Turbo 350 three-speed automatic

Rearend: original 10-bolt rearend

Suspension: stock rebuilt suspension with heavy-duty springs and Lakewood “slapper” bars

Brakes: manual front disc brakes, rear drums

Wheels & Tires: ARE Torq-Thrust with BFG radials

Cool Factoid: The first letter of all the fourth-gen X-bodies (Nova, Omega, Ventura, Apollo) spell out the word “Nova,” the least expensive of the quartet.