Of course, making the plan and executing it are two totally different things. To actually make the Mustang 2 inches wider per side required so much more than tacking on sheetmetal. Just think about everything behind the panels that needs to be stretched as well, like wheelwells and the inner structure of the door. The hardest part of all? Preventing the nose and tail from looking stretched, especially on the front end, where according to Jim they were careful to avoid creating a wide-mouth effect by focusing on the headlight buckets alone and retaining the original ’65 Mustang grille.

The final effect is fabulous though, and absolutely our favorite widebody treatment we’ve seen on a ’64-66 Mustang. Mike and Jim feel the same, and Jim says he doubts there will ever be another early Mustang built by the Ringbrothers shop that isn’t widened. He’s totally serious about that. Every custom wide piece on The Producer has been captured in molds. Wider doors, quarters, fenders, endcaps, headlight buckets, front and rear valences, hood, bumpers, and trunk lid will all be available in carbon fiber and fiberglass. All you need is a rusty fastback and a little sheetmetal work to widen the rocker panels, and you can squeeze 315 and 345 series tires under the front and rear sheetmetal of your Mustang.

It’s not just us who were blown away by The Producer’s innovative styling. The judges at Goodguys Columbus were mesmerized as well and awarded it with the coveted Street Machine of the Year award amid stiff competition. That’s a great feather in their cap, but Mike and Jim took it a step further when they stepped up to accept our offer to attend first annual PHR Muscle Car of the Year (MCOTY) competition. With Gary’s blessing, the Rings arrived with The Producer set on kill, determined to drive it to the limits of their ability. Now that’s street cred: Build a showstopper that overshadows the trailer queens, then proceed to drive it like the high-performance g-Machine it portends to be. Now that’s our style.

The Producer was exceptional on all fronts at MCOTY with only a severe traction issue on the dragstrip hurting their final score, but high trap speeds told the tale. It is hard to hook an ultralight carbon-fiber and fiberglass fastback with 740 hp on tap. On the high-speed SCCA-designed autocross course, those wide meats on all four corners kept them near the top of the pack. For a fresh build with no track tuning, The Producer was amazingly effective.

In the end, that’s the reputation the Ringbrothers really want to get out there; they build show winners that aren’t one-trick ponies. In our opinion, The Producer is their best effort so far at a car that really does score high on all fronts. Mike and Jim say, though, this is just the beginning. They’ve got even more radical ideas brewing. So who’s going to step up and make the phone call that unleashes their next creation? Is it you?

“With Gary’s blessing, the Rings arrived with The Producer set on kill, determined to drive it to the limits of their ability.”

“Gary threw the ball in their court for the design aspect; he wanted them to have free absolute reign.”

“Sensing an opportunity to go after a concept they’d been rolling around for a while, Mike and Jim Ring proposed a radical idea: Let’s make it wider.”

By The Numbers

1965 Mustang

Gary Bauers; Waynesburg, PA


Type: Ford Windsor

Displacement: 436 ci

Block: Dart iron

Bore & stroke: 4.17 x 4.00

Compression: 12:1

Rotating assembly: Eagle forged crank and rods with Diamond forged pistons

Cylinder heads: ported Edelbrock Victor Jr.

Camshaft: Crane custom grind

Valvetrain: Crane roller rockers and lifters, T&D shaft rockers

Intake manifold: Edelbrock Victor intake

Induction: 850-cfm Hard-Core Gray Holley HP Ultra carb with custom Ringbrothers air induction

Exhaust: Ringbrothers custom headers and exhaust, Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers

Oiling: Mangus dry-sump oil system

Ignition: Crane HI6 with MSD distributor

Cooling: C&R custom oil cooler with front-mount filter, BeCool radiator, Spal electric fans

Output: 740 hp, 700 lb-ft of torque

Built by: Keith Craft


Transmission: Bowler Performance T56, QuickTime bellhousing, McCleod twin-disc clutch with Hurst shifter

Rearend: Ford 9-inch with 4:10 gears


Front suspension: Art Morrison chassis with tubular control arms, Afco coilovers with 450-lb/in springs

Rear suspension: Art Morrison chassis with Watt’s link, Afco coilovers with 250-lb/in springs

Brakes: 14-inch rotors with Baer 6S 6-piston calipers front and rear, Tilton master cylinder

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: 18x10 and 19x12.5 custom Forgeline

Tires: 315/30R18 and 345/30R19 Michelin Pilot Sport