Anyone who followed professional drag racing during the muscle car heyday fondly remembers the cars of Chrysler’s Missile program as the wild creations that beat up on Chevys and Fords, only to vanish into obscurity once the company pulled back its sponsorship budget. It’s a shame that the Missile program represents just a blip in the annals of drag racing history, and perhaps that’s why the Goodguys Missile has been such a hit on the show circuit. “It looks very much like the original Motown Missile drag car, but with a modern twist,” says Goodguy’s Ed Capen. “Steve Stanford did a phenomenal job with the design concept, and the positive response from people at events has been overwhelming. Everything about this car, from its power and handling to the way it sits, makes it a very well-balanced package.” So regardless of whether the subject at hand is a straight-line or corner-blazing machine, when a team of skilled car builders pushes the limits of technology, it’s hard to go wrong.

Win This Car!

The only thing better than a retro, 505hp, Pro Touring ’71 Challenger is a retro, 505hp, Pro Touring ’71 Challenger that you can win for free. Best of all, signing up for the grand prize is easy. “There are three different ways to do it. All current Goodguys members, or anyone who signs up by October 12, 2012, will automatically be entered to win,” explains Ed Capen of Goodguys. “The second way to sign up is by entering your car at any of the 2012 calendar year events. The third method is by filling out an online entry form at The Goodguys Missile has been so popular that we’ve had spikes in membership just because people want to win the car. The winner will be announced at the Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona, on November 18, 2012.”