To address the situation, Michelle opted for a complete RideTech air suspension. It boasts tubular front control arms, a triangulated rear four-link, fat sway bars, drop spindles, air springs, and adjustable shocks. “It was very easy, and very exciting, to rip out all the old worn-out hardware and replace them with state-of-the-art components. It’s like my car has been baptized in RideTech suspension and reborn a completely different car, and I just love it,” she raves. “I have run a few more autocross events with the new suspension, and the car is a blast. I might not be the fastest car out there, but at least I’m not sitting around in a lawn chair or polishing all day. My car is driven hard, and I like it that way. I hope to participate in more local SCCA events to get more seat time and improve my skills.”

Just like any other hot rodder, Michelle is always looking to improve her ride, and the current short list of wants includes an overdrive trans, ’cage, bigger wheels and tires, and A/C. As she divulges the highs and lows she’s been through with her car, and where she wants to take it, the passion in her voice and the genuine knowledge with which she speaks makes you forget that you’re talking to a woman. All of a sudden, gender becomes irrelevant, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

“Having a little BMW boy trying to show off in a corner in front of me, then catching up to him in my Camaro, tickles the crap out of me.” —Michelle Harvey

To All The Ladies Out There …

As someone who’s dealt with ignorant bigots with too much testosterone her entire life, Michelle has some keen words of wisdom. “To all the girls who like hot rods of any kind, be firm and ignore anyone who tries to tell you ‘no.’ If a guy tells you that you shouldn’t or can’t do something because you’re female, ignore his insecure dumb ass and find a more mature man who is willing to teach you whatever it is that you want to learn,” she retorts. “If your girlfriends try to make you feel stupid for liking cars, tell those jealous and fake little ones to move out of your way and go play with their hair or purse or something. I could go on and on. In the meantime, I’ll be running through the hills of Tennessee in my Camaro with the radio cranked. That’s what makes me a very happy girl, at least as happy as a girl with a large future parts list can be.”