With all of the repair work and custom engineering completed, the body tub was treated to a stunning finish in ’06 Dodge Charger “Go-Mango” tangerine metallic, using Glasurit materials, with a custom matte black tail stripe and hood graphic completing the exterior look. The factory vacuum-operated hidden headlamp system was converted to electronic drive for reliability, while other modern upgrades include LED driving lamps and taillights by Classic LEDs. Overall, the look remains true to the classic Mopar’s style, as Phil tells it, “I think it is a timeless look. It is obviously custom and everything, but 10 years from now it will look as good as it does today. There is no reason to change things just to be changing things. Mopar did a fine job on these cars back then so there’s no need to visually change it that much.”

As lifelong fans of classic Mopar Muscle, we have to commend this collaboration of ideas from DeAngelo Hall and Ghostworks. The planning and execution of the build proved right on target, with the stance and uncharacteristically fat rubber giving the Charger the unmistakable vibe of exotic performance. Inside and out, the custom details harmonize perfectly with that performance theme, while paying tribute to the best of what American muscle had to offer.

By The Numbers

1969 Dodge Charger

DeAngelo Hall, Atlanta, GA


Type: Chrysler Gen III Hemi

Block: 6.1 Hemi

Bore x Stroke: 4.080 x 4.080

Rotating Assembly: Mahle pistons, K-1 forged crank, K-1 forged H-beam rods

Compression Ratio: 9.5:1

Cylinder heads: CNC ported 6.1 Gen III Hemi

Camshaft: custom COMP hydraulic roller by Arrington Engines

Valvetrain: Mopar Performance rockers, COMP springs and pushrods

Induction: Integrated Techco Supercharger/manifold/EFI

Fuel system: custom fuel tank with in-tank OEM-style fuel pump

Ignition: factory coil-on-plug

Cooling: aftermarket aluminum radiator

Engine output: 640 hp, 570 lb-ft of torque at rear wheels

Engine built by: Arrington Engines


Transmission: Chrysler 545RFE five-speed automatic overdrive

Driveshaft: aluminum by Precision Shaft Technologies

Rearend: Moser 60


Frame: factory ’69 Charger unibody,

Front suspension: AlterKation coilover with tubular control arms

Rear suspension: Ghostworks fabricated four-link with coilover

Steering: ’05 Mustang rack-and-pinion

Brakes: Baer 13-inch six-piston discs, front and rear

Wheels and Tires

Wheels: Forgeline S03P, 18x9 (front), 19x12 (rear)

Tires: Michelin, 275/35ZR18 (front), 345/30ZR19 (rear)