By The Numbers

1969 Chevy Camaro

Mark Clark, Cayuga, IN=


Type: Chevy 427ci big-block

Block: Chevy aluminum bored to 4.250 inches

Oiling: GM pump and pan

Rotating assembly: GM 3.760-inch forged crankshaft, rods, and 9.5:1 pistons

Cylinder heads: GM 290cc aluminum oval-port castings with 2.19/1.88-inch valves

Camshaft: GM 211/230-at-.050 hydraulic roller; .510/.540-inch lift; 110-degree LSA

Valvetrain: GM timing set, valvesprings, retainers, locks, and 1.7:1 rocker arms

Induction: Edelbrock single-plane intake manifold, Holley 870-cfm carburetor

Exhaust: custom 1.75-inch long-tube headers, dual 2.5-inch mufflers

Cooling: U.S. Radiator Desert Cooler and electric fan; GM water pump

Output: 430 hp at 5,800 rpm and 444 lb-ft at 3,800 rpm

Built by: Chevrolet Performance


Transmission: Tremec T56 trans, McLeod clutch, Hurst shifter

Rear axle: Ford 9-inch rearend with 31-spline axles, 3.70:1 gears, and limited-slip differential


Front suspension: full Art Morrison frame, sway bar, and steering rack; C6 Corvette control arms and spindles; Strange coilovers

Rear suspension: Art Morrison four-link and sway bar; Strange coilovers

Brakes: Wilwood 14-inch rotors and six-piston calipers, front and rear

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: Wheel Vintiques billet, 18x8, front; 18x10, rear

Tires: Bridgestone 245/40R18, front; 275/40R18, rear