The cabin has two versions: race and street. When Brett goes to pick up either of his two kids, the car is outfitted with Toyota Tercel seats covered in heavy-duty gray and cream vinyl. The rear chairs are from a ’70s-era Chrysler, chopped in half and recovered. On race days, a Kirkey seat provides extra lateral support with a full Simpson harness. The dash features a Donovan insert filled with Auto Meter Phantom gauges.

“I drive this car at least twice a week, usually to pick up the kids from school,” Brett says. “No, it doesn’t have A/C, or a heater, or even side windows, but they don’t seem to mind. Plus, the principal is a big fan of our smoky burnouts.”

We met up with Brett in his home garage in Long Beach, California. Scattered amongst con-rods and hose clamps were gorgeous bits of sculpted steel and iron. Should he tire of cars (which ain’t gonna happen) the guy could make a good living as an artist. As it is though, this Camaro is one fine piece of high-performance art!

By The Numbers

1967 Camaro Convertible

Brett Campbell, 39, Long Beach, CA


Type: Chevy LS6

Displacement: 5.7 liters

Block: factory, ’01 vintage

Bore & stroke: 3.90x3.62 inches

Compression ratio: 10.5:1

Rotating assembly: stock LS6

Cylinder heads: LS6 243 heads

Camshaft: stock LS6

Valvetrain: hydraulic roller lifters, overhead valve, two valves per cylinder

Intake manifold: stock LS6

Exhaust: ceramic-coated shorty headers, 3-inch collectors, 2.5-inch dual exhaust into dual Flowmaster mufflers

Oiling: stock LS6

Ignition: stock LS6

Cooling: stock LS6

Output: approx. 425 hp

Built by: GM


Transmission: D&D replacement Camaro Tremec T56

Driveshaft: Mark Williams 4-inch diameter carbon-fiber driveshaft

Rear end: Ford 9-inch with Strange aluminum center assembled by Currie, Detroit Truetrac 4:11 ratio


Frame: full tube frame

Front suspension: Martz front subframe, double A-arms, Strange Engineering coilovers, Stock Car Products 1-inch sway bar

Rear suspension: custom triangulated four-link, Strange coilovers, Panhard bar

Steering: Ford Mustang II/late-model Thunderbird power rack with GM III pump

Brakes: Baer Eradi-Speed rotors with C5 Corvette calipers (front), Baer Eradi-Speed rotors with Camaro F-body PBR calibers

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: ’01 ZO6 Corvette: 17x9.5 (front), 18x10.5 (rear)

Tires: Toyo R888: 275/40R17 (front), 295/30R18 (rear)