The lax attitude toward street racing notwithstanding, Jason acknowledges the dangers. As luck would have it, the Middle East is a great place for legal road racing, too. Not just any kind of road racing, mind you, but racing on some of the world’s premiere circuits. “Kuwait is a short drive to the new Formula One tracks in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. My friends run our cars there quite often,” Jason says.

After conversing at length with Jason, we get the impression that all those infamous YouTube videos are bogus. It’s not that they overglamorize the street racing in the Middle East. The problem is that they don’t adequately convey how crazy it really is. So forget all the geopolitical bs and your preconceived notions about this region of the globe, because at the end of the day, we car guys all speak the same language.

By The Numbers

’67 Chevy II Nova

Jason Whitlock, 39 • Messila, Kuwait


Type: GM LS7 small-block

Block: factory 4.125-inch bore aluminum LS7

Oiling: stock LS7 dry-sump

Rotating assembly: factory 4.000-inch forged crank, titanium rods, and 11.0:1 pistons

Cylinder heads: ported GM LS7 aluminum castings

Camshaft: Schwartz custom hydraulic roller

Induction: GM LS7 intake manifold and 90mm throttle-body

Ignition: factory coil packs and plug wires

Exhaust: Schwartz 1.875-inch long-tube headers, 3-inch collectors, dual chambered 3-inch mufflers

Cooling: stock water pump, custom aluminum radiator, custom electric fan

Output: 650 hp at 6,700 rpm and 575 lb-ft at 5,200 rpm

Built by: Schwartz Performance


Transmission: Tremec T56 Magnum six-speed manual, GM LS7 clutch, Hurst shifter

Rear axle: Winters floating 9-inch rearend with 3.70:1 gears and Detroit Truetrac differential


Front suspension: Schwartz frame, control arms, and sway bar; RideTech coilovers

Rear suspension: Schwartz four-link, RideTech coilovers

Brakes: Wilwood 13-inch rotors with six-piston front calipers, and four-piston rear calipers

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: Forgeline ZX3P 18x9, front; 18x12, rear

Tires: BFGoodrich KDW2 265/35R18, front; 335/30R18, rear