“At first I thought about just building a nice stock car,” Dan says. “Then after looking over what I had, I decided that it would never be stock again and got out the saw to cut all the junk off and start over.” And he did mean practically from scratch; the only original parts kept from the Vette were the main body shell, doors, and frame. The new lease on life would be an idea Dan had been rolling around in his head for a while: a Trans-Am road-race style Vette, but with modern power. To get the look, Dan molded in new L88-style flares to get wide wheel and rubber underneath, added an L88 hood for a more aggressive presence, and slightly raised the rear of the car to flow with the fenders. Paired with the hardtop, we love the look.

After watching the 2010 OUSCI on TV, Dan decided that the ultimate goal would be to try to earn a chance to compete with the Vette in 2011. With the body ready, Dan contacted Lingenfelter to get his modern powerplant in the form of a mildly worked LS7. Of course once the ball started rolling, it just kept going. A FAST intake was ordered as well as COMP Cams valvetrain components for sustained rpm stability. Strong and lightweight BBS wheels were outfitted with the most Michelin rubber he could squeeze in under the flares. All that went to good use at the OUSCI where Dan’s Electron Blue ’69 was the only C3 Vette in the competition. He represented the vintage well though, especially in the RideTech autocross where he finished in the Top 10.

OUSCI Results
Detroit Speed & Engineering Road Rally: completed
RideTech Autocross: 11th
BFGoodrich Hot Lap Challenge: 22nd
Wilwood Speed-Stop Challenge: 26th
Raybestos Performance & Design Challenge: 25th
Driver: Dan Livezey (owner and builder)

By The Numbers

1969 Corvette

Dan Livezey; Huntington Beach, CA


Type: LS7

Block: GM

Oiling: GM with Peterson dry-sump tank and separator

Rotating assembly: GM with 11.2:1 Mahle pistons

Cylinder heads: LS7 with porting by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Camshaft: custom Lingenfelter spec by COMP Cams

Valvetrain: GM with Cadilliac CTS-VR lifters

Induction: FAST intake with GM throttle body, Spectre Performance tubing and joints

Exhaust: modified 4-inch Hooker side exhaust with 5-inch Flowmaster mufflers

Fuel system: FAST 50-lb/hr injectors and fuel rails

Ignition: GM

Cooling: LS7 water pump

Output: 618 hp at 6,000, 595 lb-ft of torque at 4,800

Built by: Lingenfelter Performance Engineering


Transmission: T56 six-speed from ’06 GTO, stock LS7 clutch

Rearend: Dana 44 with 3.07 gears for OUSCI


Front suspension: Van steel lower control arms with coilover Guldstrand uppers, Sachs coilover shocks with 550-lb/in Eibach springs, 15/16-inch GM sway bar

Rear suspension: ’82 Corvette Dana 44, Sachs coilover shocks with 350-lb/in Eibach springs, ⅝-inch GM sway bar

Brakes: 13-inch Wilwood six-piston Superlite

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: 18x10 and 18x12 BBS

Tires: 285/35R18 and 335/30R18 Michelin PS2

1969 Camaro

“Mean Green”

There’s nothing that forges friendship among hot rodders quite like coming together to pull off an improbable build against an outrageous deadline. That’s what happened between Brian Finch of Finch Hot Rod Transformations and Mark Turner when they took on what seemed like a straightforward ’69 Camaro project. The catch was that the scrapped shell of a ’69 needed to become a world-class Pro Touring car in time for the 2010 Face-Off at Road America, which was roughly four months away.