1963 Chevy Impala

Owner: David Brownell: Tucson, AZ

Photographer: owner/Nikon D300

There’s no better way to teach kids than to capture their interest and passion, that’s why David Brownell picked up this ’63 Impala as a project to teach his son, Ryan, practical skills like mechanics, welding, and more. The original idea was a simple stock resto, but it appears we ruined Ryan; reading PHR he discovered stock isn’t cool, but hot rodding is! That stretched out the time frame of the build, but it also resulted in one slick Impala, possessing a hot 406ci small-block with an Edelbrock intake and Crane hydraulic roller cam, 700-R4 trans, and custom leather-wrapped interior with custom full-length console, Auto Meter gauges in a custom housing, and six-way power seats. The great stance comes via custom coils with 2-inch drop spindles in the front. One of our favorite touches is the side-exit exhaust that dumps out through notches cut in the rockers. Best of all though, just as planned, the Impala was almost completely built in the garage by David and Ryan, with plenty of lessons learned along the way.

1957 Chevy 150 Sedan

Owner: John Meyers; Orland Park, IL

Photographer: owner/Olympus FE-310

From the first time he saw a ’57 Chevy in one of his dad’s car magazines when he was about 12 years old, John Meyers has been infatuated with the finned Chevy. When he saw PHR’s own Project X in Hollywood Knights, that really sent him over the edge and he vowed to have one. It took another 12 years before the right ad for a fairly rare ’57 150 sedan appeared. When the 98,000-mile Chevy arrived on a truck at 8 p.m. one night, John was a little nervous, but the driver assured him: “You got a really nice one here!” On his buddy’s lift the next day, John confirmed the car not only had a perfect body, but was better in every way than he expected. His buddy was unimpressed though. “Just wait until it’s done,” John said. It took two years of hard work, but now the TPI 350 and 700-R4–equipped ’57 is literally a traffic stopper. While sitting at a stop light one day, a teenage girl jumped out of a van in the next lane, ran to the front of the ’57 and started snapping photos. Luckily the same doubting buddy was in the passenger seat. Blown away, he asked, “Does that happen a lot?” Of course, John responded, “All the time!”

1965 Olds 442

Owner: Steve Proffitt; Lane, KS

Photographer: Donna Profitt/Kodak C703

Steve Proffitt’s first ’65 442 was his ride back in 1967. When he returned from Vietnam in 1970, he decided to trade for a new Plymouth Duster. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but Steve soon regretted the swap. Unfortunately, family priorities kept another Olds out of the garage until 1995 when Steve and his son discovered the perfect candidate in a barn in Colorado. Once the black widows were brushed away, the 442 went into the family garage where it stayed for five years while Steve and his son went through every system, repaired the body, and dropped in a new 400ci Olds full of Mondello Performance goodies and an Edelbrock intake converted to EFI. In the past 11 years since its completion, the Olds has been to many Goodguys and NSRA shows, and out to Reno for Hot August Nights. It was during one of those trips that the Proffitt family stopped off at the Bonneville Salt Flats to snap some photos. Great location guys; it’s hard to shoot a bad photo at Bonneville! The 442 may be on the road, but Steve says he tries to add something new every year. Next up will be a baffled gas tank to keep fuel near the pickup during cornering.