Regular readers may have found this car strangely familiar; that’s because it was prominently featured in the Sept. ’10 issue of PHR as a project in the feature “What’s Next.” Yeah, this car came a very long way in a very short time, but there were certainly no corners cut. In mythology, dragon’s blood possesses magical properties and that seemed to be the case in its debut at the 2010 SEMA show in BASF’s own booth; Dragon slaughtered the competition and was awarded the prestigious 10th annual Mothers Shine Award for uncompromising excellence in vehicle design and execution. That’s really saying something considering the level of cars shown at SEMA.

While it certainly wasn’t the first time he had seen the finished car, the first time Alex actually slid behind the wheel of Dragon was several months down the road at the 2011 Goodguys show in Columbus. Dragon was in the running for the coveted Street Machine of the Year title and all competitors are required to run the autocross. Alex decided he was the man for the job. That’s gutsy. We like this guy.

New car, new driver, big competition—needless to say, Jim and Mike were more than a little nervous, but thankfully without warrant. Alex piloted Dragon around the course with nary an incident. “The power from that engine really comes on quickly,” Alex said afterward. Speaking of engines, ironically, one of the cars Dragon was competing against in the SMOY was a fastback Mustang containing the engine originally intended for Alex’s previous ’66 Mustang. Funny how things can come together like that.

Dragon still has a few more show dates to make with the Ringbrothers, as well as a return to the 2011 SEMA show to pass on the Mothers Shine crown to the next winner, but after that it’ll be headed home to an eager Alex and Jayne. “What I really love about this car is the balance,” Alex says. “Front to rear, engine to interior, everything works together. It’s understated. Unfortunately, the Ringbrothers can only build just so many cars, so this car will be part of their legacy for people to always enjoy.”

Want a piece of Dragon? Full body kits are available, as are nearly all of the smaller parts. “Almost every single part you see on this car we sell,” Jim says. “Somebody could build almost exactly the same car just by buying the parts.” Both the entire front and rear end of the car are built from carbon fiber, and a full bellypan runs the length of the chassis.