Even though the Cutlass’ primary mission is providing kicks on the street, it still doesn’t mean it can’t hold its own when going toe-to-toe with megabuck Pro Touring machines on the autocross. “I built this car primarily as a cruiser, but I autocross it whenever I can. I managed a respectable 14th Place out of a field of 32 cars in my class at the last Goodguys show, and my car was just a little off the pace of many of the professionally built cars with big sponsors,” he says. “Given the fact that my car isn’t really optimized for autocross competition, I think with a little more tuning and practice I could narrow the gap between my car and the pro-built cars that cost 10 times as much as mine. I can’t outrun everyone, but I can hang with the best of them.” For a project car inspired by a garden-variety third-gen Camaro, that’s not too bad at all.