Mike liked what he saw from Hotchkis while in Las Vegas, so he decided to combine the heavy-duty Mopar Performance leaf springs and 1.125-inch diameter torsion bars he’d been collecting (“I don’t know the part numbers because I bought them third-hand”) with the Hotchkis control arms, strut rods, front sway bar, steering links, and Bilstein-sourced shocks. Mike also worked some upholstery skills in the mix, re-skinning the front and rear seats, and replacing the carpet with new stock.

With time running out, Mike realized he had to put his planned 512-inch Wedge on hold. That motor, which will get CNC-ported Edelbrock heads, a 440Source stroker kit, Holley Street Dominator intake, BCR girdle, and Mopar Performance STX22 .590-inch lift solid-roller cam, would have to wait. In the meantime, Mike “borrowed” the .030-over 440 from his ’68 GTX. This “little” Wedge makes just 563 hp with a stock crank and rods, JE pistons, C&A rings, ported iron heads, Mopar M1 intake, Barry Grant 1,000-cfm carb, and a mild .540-inch lift COMP camshaft. The temporary bullet has been attached to a workhorse A833 four-speed and Centerforce Dual-Friction clutch, which acts on a rebuilt Dana 60 with 4.10 gears.

With just hours to spare, Mike hit the road this past April, making all three of his planned events. In the period between April 8 and April 17, the Biohazard Charger hit the Moparty At The Strip, where it ran 12.85/113 down the quarter-mile (“spinning First and Second”); the Speed Fest at Willow Springs, where it hit 135 mph on the straightaway; and the 25th Annual Mopar Spring Fling in L.A., where it wowed showgoers with its bombshell looks.

But don’t think that the Biohazard’s early success is making Mike complacent. The spirit of “Snake” Guillot is still present, urging Mike to take things up a notch. There’s a fresh 512ci Wedge waiting in the wings, along with a Hemi-spec A833 and Gear Vendors overdrive. Gramps is also concerned about Mike’s safety, and has telegraphed his preference for some supportive racing seats and harnesses, just like the “King” would use. We know he’s got to be looking down on Mike real proud!

By The Numbers

1969 Dodge Charger

Mike Williams, 45 • Orland, CA

Best quarter-mile: 12.85 at 113 mph


Type: ’69-vintage 440 Wedge big-block Mopar

Displacement: 446 ci

Compression ratio: 9.9:1

Oiling: Moroso deep pan, Melling oil pump and pickup

Rotating assembly: stock, shot-peened and polished stock rods, JE forged pistons

Cylinder heads: stock 452, bracket race port job, Manley 2.14/1.88 stainless valves

Camshaft: COMP Cams, .540-inch lift, 260/268 degrees duration at .050, 108 degrees lobe separation installed at 104 degrees

Valvetrain: Crane ⅜-inch chromoly pushrods, Crane ductile iron rocker arms, COMP lifters

Intake manifold: Mopar M1, port matched to heads

Carburetor: Barry Grant 1,000-cfm Silver Claw

Ignition: MSD 7AL3 box, Mopar Performance distributor

Fuel system: Carter high-volume mechanical, stock tank, ½-inch pickup, -8AN fuel line

Exhaust: Doug’s 2-inch long-tube headers, custom 3-inch exhaust, Flowmaster 40 Series mufflers

Cooling: Mopar Performance water pump and housing, Northern aluminum radiator, dual SPAL 12-inch electric fans, custom shroud, overflow, and cover

Output: 563 hp at 5,600 rpm

Built by: B&B Performance & Machine, Redding, CA


Transmission: A833 23-spline four-speed manual, Centerforce Dual-Friction clutch

Rear axle: ’68-vintage B-Body Dana 60 rearend, 4.10 gears in stock carrier, custom reinforced spring perches


Unibody: front K-member welded up and reinforced, custom skidplate

Steering: Firm Feel Stage 3 power steering with fast-ratio pitman arm

Front suspension: Hotchkis TVS upper control arms, strut rods, sway bar and steering links; Mopar Performance 1.125-inch torsion bars, Bilstein shocks

Rear suspension: custom heavy-duty rear leaf springs (five leaf), 2-inch lowering blocks, Bilstein shocks

Front brakes: Coleman 14x1.25-inch rotors, U.S. Brake calipers, Wilwood hubs

Rear brakes: Wilwood 12.19-inch rotors with U.S. Brake calipers

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: Budnik GTB, 18x9, 4.5-inch offset, front; 18x10, 5-inch offset, rear; matte black and titanium powdercoat

Tires: Nitto NT05, 275/40R18, front; 295/45R18, rear