Since originally buying the car in 2006 and the subsequent JBA treatment, Lance and his family have been driving the snot out the car every chance they get, which in the pleasant weather of Southern California, means every weekend. “The neat thing about it is it just puts a smile on people’s face. People just love it. The women love the color, and guys respect it because of the massive horsepower. I’ve had friends with Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and they say they get flipped off when they drive their cars. They’re great cars, but people sometimes don’t take a liking to them. But the pink car just has its own personality.” In fact, Lance likes the pink car so much he has decided to share it with the world via a website, “It’s a real crowd pleaser, and you can’t leave it by itself. They kind of nicknamed it Pamela Anderson, because it really does stick out and put a smile on people’s faces.” With a nickname like that, this Pistol Grip in Pink is nothing short of a head-turning, jaw-dropping, smile-making fun machine.

“People just love it. The women love the color, and guys respect it because of the massive horsepower.” —Lance Pelky, owner

By The Numbers
1970 Challenger R/T
Lance A. Pelky, 51 • San Diego, CA


Type: big-block Mopar B-block

Displacement: 464 ci

Compression ratio: 10.9:1

Oiling: Milodon pan with windage tray

Rotating assembly: Indy stroker kit

Cylinder heads: Indy Cylinder Heads wedge

Camshaft: hydraulic flat-tappet, 232/234 at .050

Valvetrain: 2.200-/1.850-inch valves, dual springs

Induction: single-plane, modified for EFI

Throttle body: FAST 4v, 4150-style

Ignition: MSD 6AL controlled by FAST

Engine management: FAST XFI fuel injection

Exhaust: TTI headers, 2-inch primaries, Spintech Mufflers

Cooling: Be Cool radiator dual fans

Output: 413 rear-wheel horsepower at 5,000 rpm, 473 rear-wheel torque at 4,100 rpm


Transmission: Richmond ROD six-speed with Pistol Grip shifter; Centerforce Dual Friction clutch

Rear axle: 8¾-inch rearend, Sure-Grip differential, 3.23 gears


Unibody: custom subframe connectors welded in place

Steering: ididit column

Front suspension: stock, Bilstein shocks, torsion bars in lowered position

Rear suspension: stock, Bilstein shocks, lowered

Brakes: Wilwood 12-inch front/11-inch rear disc brakes

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: Boyd Coddington Blasters; 17x8 front, 17x9.5 rear

Tires: Goodyear Eagle GT 245/45R17, front; 285/40R17, rear