Over the years, Mark's built everything from all-wheel-drive street rods to twin-turbo 1,000hp Malibus, in addition to his rèsumè of 10 Pro Touring Camaros. Obviously, he's a man who enjoys the process of building cars as much as he does driving them. While he runs the risk of becoming jaded by continually surrounding himself in a sea of wicked g-Machines, Mark found inspiration for his next project in an LS9-powered '69 Camaro he built for his friend Charlie Lillard. "I'm not exactly getting rich from my day job, so every time I finish a car, I'm so heavily in debt that I have to sell it. Hopefully I'll have some money leftover, which I use to start a new project," Mark says. "After doing this enough times, I slowly built up enough equity to where I owned a car free and clear. At the time I built the LS9 Camaro for Charlie, I was between money so to speak. Instead of me building a car on my own and selling it, he offered to hire me to build a car for him. I was already in the process of building my next Camaro and decided to put an LS7 in it, but after driving Charlie's car I had to have more power."

Mark found the foundation for Camaro number 11 on eBay. The quintessential California car, the body had virtually no rust at all. As is often the case, Mark's simple plans for the project changed quickly. "The Red Devil was supposed to be my economical build that I did after I had to sell Camaro X. The idea was to build your basic Pro Touring '69 Camaro with a Detroit Speed and Engineering chassis and an LS7 engine," Mark says. "I was able to piece most of it together at a reasonable cost, but after I drove Charlie Lillard's Camaro at the 2009 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational last year and saw how people reacted to it, I knew I had to get more extreme." After pulling the 307 small-block and TH350 trans, he sent Red Devil off to VanNus Paint and Body (Kalamazoo, MI) for a fresh coat of VW Salsa Red paint. In the meantime, Mark and his engine builder Brian Thompson got busy scheming up a big-inch blower combo.

The motor setup is essentially a 427ci LS7 short-block-fortified with a Callies forged crank, Oliver steel rods, and Diamond 9.0:1 pistons-topped with an LS9 supercharger and cylinder heads. At just 10 psi of boost, the motor produces 760 hp and 810 lb-ft of torque. As if that weren't impressive enough, the huffed 427 lays down 725 lb-ft at just 3,000 rpm. The potent mill is backed by a Tremec T56 six-speed trans, and a Currie 9-inch rearend. "When I roll up to cruise night, people don't give the car much attention because it idles at 600 rpm and sounds like a stock LS7. Then I open the hood, and people freak out," Mark says. "Even though this motor runs at the same boost level as a stock LS9, it's moving way more air since the short-block is so much bigger. There's definitely more left in this engine combo, but we didn't turn it all the way up because it's a road-race engine. I've beaten the crap out of it on the road course and the dragstrip, and it just takes the abuse."