Mark Stielow, 45 • Beverly Hills, MI
Type: GM 427ci Gen IV small-block
Block: production 4.125-inch bore LS7
Oiling: stock LS7 dry-sump system with Peterson oil tank and LS9 pan
Rotating assembly: Callies 4.000-inch forged crank, Oliver steel rods, Diamond 9.0:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: stock LS9 castings
Camshaft: Thomson Automotive custom hydraulic roller (specs classified)
Valvetrain: stock LS9 lifters, pushrods, rocker arms, and valvesprings
Induction: LS9 intake manifold and supercharger boosted to 10 psi; factory LS7 throttle-body
Fuel system: Rick's Hot Rod Shop gas tank, GM CTS-V internal fuel pump, Kinsler-modified 62 lb/hr LS9 fuel injectors
Ignition: stock GM coil packs, plugs, and wires
Engine management: Bosch/GM EFI computer
Exhaust: Kooks 17/8-inch long-tube headers, custom 3-inch X-pipe, dual Borla mufflers
Cooling: Griffin radiator; GM water pump and cooling fan
Output: 760 hp at 6,600 rpm and 810 lb-ft at 3,800 rpm
Built by Thomson Automotive
Transmission: Tremec T56 six-speed built by D&D Performance; stock LS9 clutch disc with Lingenfelter pressure plate and flywheel
Rear axle: Currie 9-inch rearend with 3.25:1 gears, Detroit Truetrac differential
Front suspension: Detroit Speed and Engineering front subframe assembly, spindles, control arms, coilovers, and sway bar
Rear suspension: Detroit Speed and Engineering four-link, coilovers, and sway bar
Brakes: Brembo 14-inch rotors and six-piston calipers, front; Brembo 13.6-inch rotors and four-piston calipers, rear; GM '06 Corvette Z06 ABS system
Wheels: Forgeline GA3 18x10, front; 19x12, rear
Tires: Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 275/35R18, front; 325/30R19, rear