The car was finished with only hours to spare. The last touches were completed at 3 a.m., the car was loaded in the trailer and the team headed to Tulsa for the event. By 11 a.m., the car was making laps on the track. Lonny and Jason said that what they like best about the car is having fun beating on it. Over the course of the event season, they tuned the suspension and the car overall, bringing the performance to the top of the pack. Moreover, this wicked little Mustang finished 11th overall at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational featured in this issue. The exercise has allowed Gateway to make additional refinements that they could incorporate into their suspension products, further improving the great handling that they put in reach of other Mustang owners.

Pony Performance by Gateway As owners of Gateway Classic Mustang, Lonny and Jason Childress knew the shortcomings of the factory suspension of '70-and-older Mustangs. These cars have the right look, decent front-to-rear weight bias, and can house the proper powertrain, but in stock form, their corner-turning and stopping abilities leave a lot to be desired. That's when the brothers decided to create a new business, Gateway Performance Suspension (, which is dedicated to developing suspension, steering, and brake systems that delivered the performance that these Pony cars deserve. They now offer a full line of suspension systems, ranging from mild street performance to track ready. They have focused on the '70-and-earlier Mustangs, but most of their front systems will work on any Ford built with a shock tower suspension.

Their next endeavor will be to create a mini-tub kit for the Mustang that will allow you to stuff a 335/40R17 under the sheetmetal. That should tip the scales for the Mustang even further in favor of autocrossing and road racing!