Rear body tricks are numerous, with matching side vents alternating between functional (on the driver side) with a fuel filler inlet leading to the Fuel Safe cell, to nonfunctional on the passenger side. The custom rear valance panel was made longer and a new bumper was also crafted. Jim commented, "There's no way to modify the original parts, so we made new ones. The bumper is tucked tighter to the rear body panel, we redesigned the taillights using Classic LEDs from Northwest Mustang, and we added our machined door handles. Not everything we build is a direct replacement of an original part, but everything we build is available to the public."

To further the quest for superior handling, the rear suspension includes reworked components from Total Control Products, using the sturdy Fab9 rearend housing, VariShock coilovers, and a Watt's link assembly. It offers a wide range of adjustment and suspension tuning. Jim figured a 4.11:1 gear ratio ought to keep the stroker in its powerband and he was right on, adding, "The gear ratio is about perfect for this combination and the rear suspension really makes those giant Forgeline wheels and BFGoodrich tires stick."

When looking at the interior, you'll see that many original elements were retained. The basic dash design was cleaned up after removing the stock padding, with gauges from Classic Instruments that complement the theme, thanks in part to the addition of "Bomber Bezels." A sturdy grab handle on the passenger side lends yet another ingredient of form and function. Jim told us, "With the personality this car took on, we felt it was very important to keep the interior bare bones, or all business. A fancy console wouldn't work, so we kept it utilitarian-two Recaro seats, a shifter, and gauges." In place of the original "floating pedals" that hung from under the dash, a NASCAR-style Tilton pedal assembly extends up from the floor. Jim said, "They look cool, but I was concerned about how they'd feel." He continued adding, "We built a step in the floor just in front of the pedals, which provides a natural angle for the foot and gives your heel more comfort." With a road-race theme that's executed to perfection, Bailout is destined to inspire others to build a machine that handles as well as it looks.

From concept to finished product, everyone at Ringbrothers pulled together to make it all happen on a tight deadline. Jim and Mike Ring give sincere thanks to their product sponsors, along with staff members Staci, Tammy, Lauren, Chad, Sean, and Travis. We can't wait to see what comes out of this shop in the future!