'70 Corvette
Leon Gibbs Jr. • Lorton, VA
An import dealer in Palmyra, Virginia, tried to start a Corvette restoration shop back in the late '90s, and Leon Gibb's '70 was one of the few that was turned out. The original Mulsanne Blue and blue interior car was swapped to a much more appealing silver on black palette during the resto, and a big-block hood was added "to strike fear," Leon says. Underhood, though, it's still a mild 350, which works just fine for Leon's purposes: spending time cruising with his kids. Though they do have to go one at a time, Leon says they have no trouble keeping track of whose turn it is.

Photographer: Leon Gibbs Jr.; Lorton, VA
Camera: Pentax Optio MX4
Engine: stock 350 ci
Trans: stock TH350
Rearend: stock
Suspension: restored stock
Wheels: stock discs
Great quote: "We like to cruise up and down the Potomac River and through the local roads. Our goal is to get lost in the Shenandoah Valley."

'68 Camaro
Tom Tieman • Glendale, AZ
Originally, Tom Tieman bought this Camaro just to yank the 383 for his son Josh's Corvette. After getting partially parted out, it sat in the back of Tom's brother's place. Tom's wife, Shirley, was pondering buying a new Pontiac Solstice, but he convinced her that they could build the Camaro for much less-and it would be cooler! Father and son agreed to do the work, and mom paid the bills. Of course as things progressed, the project grew beyond the original plans and took two years to complete, but the results have netted trophies at shows, and a Pro Touring car that's a blast to drive. The only downside might be that the now ultraslick Camaro is, in Shirley's words, "too nice to leave in any parking lot," so she bought a Chevy Colorado for daily duties.

Photographer: Tom Tieman; Glendale, AZ
Camera: Canon 20D
Engine: LS3 with GM LS6 hot cam
Trans: Tremec six-speed
Rearend: Winters 9-inch with 3.73 gears and posi
Suspension: Schwartz Extreme Performance chassis with adjustable QA1 coilovers and splined sway bars front and rear
Wheels: ZO6 Motorsports
Custom touches: Josh designed the custom interior and used late-model GTO seats, front and rear, and a sound system "powerful enough to dry your hair."

'66 Mustang
D.L. Harris • Bowling Green, FL
This sharp little '66 coupe is the product of two crashed six-cyclinder ponies that D.L. Harris snapped up for $400. Now that's how to get yourself a classic! D.L. had three young kids to take care of, so the resto was slow, and he reused as many original parts from the two cars as possible. It turned out nice enough that all three of those kids were able to drive the finished Mustang to school for a few years before handing it back over to D.L. It sat for a few years, but then he found an early five-bolt bolt-pattern 289 ci, and decided to do a full V-8 conversion with the suspension and rearend as well. After fresh paint, the Mustang finally lives in a garage and comes out on nice days for D.L.'s favorite Saturday morning car show in Winter Haven, Florida.

Photographer: D.L. Harris; Bowling Green, FL
Camera: HP Photosmart 733
Engine: stock early 289 ci with Edelbrock intake and 600 carb
Trans: stock C4
Rearend: stock 8-inch Ford
Suspension: stock original, front and rear
Wheels: original 14-inch hubcaps
Great quote: "It was a good deal. I kept the better of the two coupes and fixed the other one up enough to get my $400 back."

'69 camaro
Jason Vendetto • Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
When Jason Vendetto hauled home his '69 Camaro project when he was 16, all the other kids in the neighborhood without a car guy's vision said, "Eww" or "It's ugly." Jason didn't listen though; he knew what it would become. While they were all playing ball in the street, Jason was in the garage wrenching and putting together his dream car. It took a few years, but now all those same people say "Ooh," and "Wow, that's nice" when Jason pulls out in his '69. Local car show judges seem to be impressed as well, since he's racked up several Best in Class awards for his efforts.

Photographer: Jason Vendetto; Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
Camera: Canon Rebel XTi
Engine: stock 283 ci
Trans: stock TH350
Rearend: stock 10-bolt
Suspension: rebuilt stock with PST Polygraphite bushings and 1-inch front sway bar
Wheels: American Racing
Great quote: "I've received many Best of Show trophies, which tells me I've done an excellent job of restoring my Showtie."

'71 Chevelle
Bob Sell • Islip Terrace, NY
Bob Sell's been a mechanic his whole life, so when he ran across a derelict '71 Chevelle missing the drivetrain and with a woodgrain paneled wagon front clip, he wasn't fazed. Besides, he has wanted, nay needed, a tilt-nose Chevelle since he was a young guy hanging out with older friends who had cool muscle cars. Using his know-how and the assistance of a few friends, the Chevelle came together completely at Bob's house. A couple of Harleys sidetracked him briefly, but when his son was born things got back on track-and the Harleys were parked. Now the once dilapidated A-body runs 11.97 at 110 mph, thanks to a stout 383 built by a friend.

Photographer: Bob Sell; Islip Terrace, NY
Camera: Panasonic
Engine: 383ci with AFR 190 heads, COMP cam, and Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and carb
Trans: TH400
Rearend: B.O.P. with 3.73 gears
Suspension: stock with two coils cut off the front springs
Wheels: Weld Racing
Custom touches: Bob got his tilt nose! The front end is a U.S. Body one-piece fiberglass piece that he and a friend designed and built brackets for.