'67 Camaro convertible
Tracey Roath • Decatur, AL
About six years ago, Tracey Roath's husband, Brad, asked her what her dream car was. You can guess the answer. Luckily, they tracked one down that was parked at a local shipping company with weeds grown up around it. It only took a short nine months for Brad and Tracey, and friend David Fries to get the Camaro ready for paint, which was handled by the painter at the body shop where Tracey works. The blue was custom blended for the car, and the white is referred to as Pearl Ice. Now, Tracey drives her dream car to work every Friday (at least) and enjoys the constant stream of oglers that stop to look it over.

Photographer: Tracey Roath; Decatur, AL
Camera: Kodak EasyShare
Engine: 327ci with double-hump heads
Trans: TH350 with shift kit
Rearend: 10-bolt with 3.73 gears
Suspension: stock up front, original monoleaf rear with air shocks
Brakes: factory discs and drums
Wheels: Cragar SS
Great quote: "An older gentleman once told me that I shouldn't be driving it to work because 'A car like that belongs in a garage.' Hello! A car like this needs to be driven so you can show it off and everyone can enjoy."

'69 Nova
Frank Pulizzi • Merrick, NY
Frank Pulizzi's story is one we've heard many times; he originally built his '69 Nova for quick e.t.'s at the track, with all the best straight-line goodies like a high-compression 468ci big-block, TH400 with transbrake, and so on. It was fast too, 11s on the engine, and going 10.31 at 129 on a 175 shot. But it was a weekend-only drag car, and the novelty wore off quickly. Frank pulled the 468 and had it rebuilt for pump gas and swapped the TH400 for a TKO 600. Now he could drive it anywhere, which made him change interests toward Pro Touring-style upgrades for the suspension for more control. He must have missed the punch of the race-ready 468 though; Frank pieced together a custom ProCharger using used parts that lays down 557 hp and 591 lb-ft of torque and makes for easy and fun tail-out drifts.

Photographer: Frank Pulizzi; Merrick, NY
Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200
Engine: 468ci with GM 990 iron heads and 2.30/1.88 valves, COMP Xreme Energy cam, Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake, Quick Fuel 750 blow-through carb with custom ProCharger P1-SC kit running 6 psi
Trans: Tremec TKO-600
Rearend: Currie 9-inch with 3.89 gears and Detroit Locker diff
Suspension: stock up front with big-block springs and KYB shocks, Landrum monoleaf rear with Cal-Tracs and KYB shocks.
Brakes: CPP 13-inch Big Brake kit up front, big Ford drums in the rear with Chevy bolt pattern
Wheels: 17x8 Bullitt-style wheels
Great quote: "Please give a big thanks to my wife, Jackie, for all of her support and patience!"

'69 Camaro RS/SS
Ed Wonn • Vidalia, GA
This sharp '69 belonged to Ed Wonn's brother for almost 22 years before he was able to talk him out of it in November of 2000. Persistence pays, because Ed ended up with a true RS/SS in a reasonable shape for resto-some assembly required, of course. Ed's brother had used the car for drag racing before parking it, and built a killer 391ci stroker and TH400, but never got around to the steering and brakes, which made cruising a scary experience. Ed's youngest daughter still doesn't like it since something happens every time she goes for a ride. Once all the bugs were fumigated, Ed opted to return the '69 to it's original Cortez Silver hue, but added his own flair by changing the black hockey stick stripe to Candy Tangerine. Friends told him he was crazy, but now everyone (including us) agrees that the splash of color really makes the car.

Engine: 391ci stroker with Dart iron heads, Erson cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap intake, Holley 750 carb
Trans: Tremec TKO 600
Rearend: 12-bolt with 3.73 gears and posi
Brakes: factory discs and drums
Suspension: original with polyurethane bushings
Wheels: American Racing 200S Daisy
Great quote: "Future plans call for a Vintage Air system, because it sure is hot here in Southern Georgia."

'79 AMC Spirit AMX
Fred Zeek • Belcamp, MD
Bet you didn't even know there was a '79 AMX, did you? To say they're rare is an understatement, but like the original AMX, they have a racing history; they finished First and Second in their class out of a 120-car field in a Group One endurance race at Germany's Nürburgring. Fred Zeek's was a $500 score, which he fitted with a mild 401 ci from a '77 Jeep. The AMX ran 12s in that form, but Fred wanted more, and added Indy heads and a big roller cam that rewarded him with high 10s. After a friend sprayed the current paint, Fred decided it was too nice to race anymore, and pulled the 401 for a '02 LS6 and 4L60E to make it a good street cruiser. It's back in the 12s now, but gets 21 mpg and Fred can enjoy driving it and explaining to everyone what it is.

Photographer: Dick Kittell; Bel Air, MD
Camera: Nikon D80
Engine: '02 LS6 with 228R COMP cam and LS6 intake
Trans: 4L60E with 3,000-stall TCI converter
Rearend: AMC Model 20 with Moser axles and 4.10 gears
Suspension: stock AMC
Brakes: fullsize AMC calipers and rotors up front, stock rear
Wheels: 18x8 and 18x9 Boss
Custom touches: LS engine aren't drop-in for Spirits, so Fred had to use F-body manifolds. That sharp color is PPG Wine Berry with a gold base.