'67 Camaro
Mark and Paula Ferguson - Joliet, IL
It's a '67 Nickey Camaro. For some GM muscle car fans, that six-word description might be all they need to bow down before the fender badge and disavow their worth. For Mark Ferguson, it's just the ultimate incarnation of the car he's lusted after for most of his life.

"I've wanted a black '67 Camaro since I was 14, and I had posters of them all over my walls," Mark says. When the movie Better Off Dead came out, I would have killed for that car. I have the DVD just for the 5 minutes of the Camaro on screen." We feel ya Mark; we've got a few in the collection for exactly the same reason.

But black '67 Camaros practically grow on trees, second only in abundance to red ones, and any color '69 Camaro, so how did Mark end up with the pick of the litter? This Nickey started out in Chicago at Nickey Chevrolet where it was purchased by William Leak from Cicero, Illinois. He sold it after three years to his brother Thomas, who also lived in Cicero and kept it for about 30 years before selling it to a collector in California. That lasted for about five years until a bad divorce forced him to liquidate his collection. That's where Mark comes into the story; being an Illinois boy and a Camaro fan, he knew all about the infamous Nickey, so when he saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have what may be the ultimate black '67 Camaro, he made the deal fast enough to bring it back home to Illinois.

Of course this black Camaro actually started out as Bolero Red with a black nose stripe and a black vinyl roof, and is probably worth more in that original hue, but Mark doesn't care. He's not planning to sell it anytime soon-or probably ever.

Photographer: Kim Kongpricha; Joliet, IL
Camera: Nikon D2X5
Engine: 427ci L-72 with Holley single-plane intake and Demon 750 carb
Trans: Muncie M-21 four-speed
Rearend: 12-bolt with 4.10 gears and posi
Suspension: factory original with Edelbrock IAS shocks
Brakes: original discs and drums
Wheels: 15x7 and 15x8 Rally
Great quote: "It's got a 427, four-speed, disc brakes, manual crank up windows, and a heater. That's it for options, and that's fine with me."

Nitto Tires
There's nothing like an awesome First Prize to get gearheads inspired for our annual photo contest, and Nitto Tires stepped up in a big way by offering a set of any size and type of Nitto tires to the winning photographer. Thanks to Nitto, we've got one of the coolest programs in magazine land. With the legendary Nickey-built 427 under that cowl hood, this year's winner is Kim Kongpricha for her shots of Mark and Paula Ferguson's '67 Camaro. Kim will take home her choice of any set of Nitto tires for her photographic effort. If she happens to pass 'em on to Mark and Paula, we're thinking some Nitto NT05R drag radials would look pretty bitchin on the back of that Nickey.