'68 Camaro
Cullon Cabler • Bryan, TX
He'd been on the lookout for the right first-gen Camaro, but it wasn't until Cullon Cabler moved that he found it-right across the street in his new neighbor's garage. Of course it took four years of begging, and a bad trip to Vegas to make him relent, but eventually the Camaro was Cullon's. He pushed the planning on a resto project, but then he discovered Pro Touring. Rather than ordering stock parts, Cullon found himself calling Detroit Speed and Engineering for his suspension needs, and Mast Motorsports for an LS3. It took 21 months of wrenching every day, but we'd say the results were well worth the effort. We just feel sorry for the neighbor who owned it for 22 years when he sees it roll out now!

Photographer: Cullon Cabler; Bryan, TX
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX20
Engine: Mast Motorsports LS3
Trans: Tremec TKO 600
Rearend: 9-inch with 3.70 gears
Suspension: DSE upper and lower control arms up front, DSE Quadra-Link in the rear
Brakes: Wilwood 12.5-inch discs front and rear
Wheels: 17x8 and 18x11 Budnik Fontana
Custom touches: Cullon added a few subtle mods such as shortening the rear bumper by 1.5 inches and adjusting some of the gaps for a cleaner look.

'07 Parnelli Jones Edition Saleen Mustang
Richard Modica • New York, NY
In April 2006, Richard Modica attended the New York Auto Show for one reason, to see the debut of the Parnelli Jones Edition Saleen Mustang. The car was a tribute to Parnelli's winning 1970 season and the infamous yellow Mustangs that won Trans-Am. Richard was impressed when he saw it in the lobby and told the representative how much he wanted one. The guy gave Richard the "yeah, you and everyone else" look, but he really meant it. How bad did he want it? So badly that he parted with his beloved award-winning '70 Boss 302 to get it. After a 10-month wait, PJ Saleen No. 181 out of 500 built was in his garage. Unlike most, however, that's not where it stays. Richard has since installed a Saleen supercharger for 525 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque at the wheels, and regularly drives it and attends track days.

Photographer: Richard Modica; New York, NY
Camera: Nikon D60
Engine: Saleen-prepped 4.6 3V with Saleen supercharger
Trans: stock five-speed
Rearend: stock 8.8-inch with 3.73 gears
Suspension: Saleen Racecraft springs and sway bars with Watt's link in the rear
Brakes: 14-inch Saleen up front, 13-inch Steeda in the rear
Wheels: 19-inch Parnelli Jones Saleen Wheels
Great quote: "I have never regretted buying the Parnelli."

'70 El camino SS
Mike DeJong • Sparta, MI
After spending the entire day at the Goodguys Nationals, Mike DeJong and his friends decided to grab some grub at the TGI Friday's host party. Nevertheless, en route he was stopped in his tracks by the sight of his dream car for sale in the parking lot: a '70 El Camino SS. Mike took it home and spent the next two years turning it into his dream muscle car with a bed. Only the heads and block stayed from the original big-block, the suspension was swapped for Hotchkis parts, and the original rearend with its puny 2.56 gears vacated in favor of a 12-bolt with 4.11 gears. Next on the agenda is an overdrive swap to let the 454 purr more quietly on the freeway, but in the meantime Mike says that he feels like a teenager again, smiling every time he's out for a cruise or doing the occasional burnout.

Photographer: Mike DeJong; Sparta, MI
Camera: Canon 40D
Engine: 454 ci with oval-port heads, Lunati Voodoo cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap intake, Holley Street Avenger 770 carb
Trans: TH350
Rearend: 12-bolt with 4.10 gears and posi
Suspension: Hotchkis springs and sway bars, with Hotckis control arms in the rear
Brakes: stock discs and drums
Wheels: 18x8 and 20x8, Billet Specialties Daggers
Great quote: "What other two-seat classic has the power of a big-block Chevy, the looks of a Chevelle SS, and the versatility to haul everyone's stuff to the shows?"

'69 Chevelle SS
Johnny Greene • Bristol, TN
In high school, Johnny Greene had a '67 RS/SS Camaro, followed by an SS396 Chevelle, but like so many of us, he eventually had to step away from the muscle car fun to start a family. About three years ago, Johnny made a new buddy who happened to own this unique color combo Chevelle. Johnny was struck by it (maybe because of his name?) and told his friend that if it were ever for sale, he had to have it. About two months later, the call came, and Johnny claimed the green Chevelle. Now he spends all the time he can spare making up for the absence of muscle in his life by getting the Chevelle out and just enjoying the drive.

Photographer: Johnny Greene; Bristol, TN
Camera: GE Q1250
Engine: stock 396 ci
Trans: TH400 with a shift kit
Rearend: 12-bolt with 3.73 gears
Suspension: stock original front and rear
Wheels: stock discs and drums
Great quote: "My racing days have long passed. Now I enjoy cruising the highways and byways."