To build a good looking car takes an eye for what works best for the body style and the genre you're going for. To build one that is worthy of appearing in an international magazine takes a real understanding of the finer points to separate the mundane from the extraordinary. It requires an artist's vision to see what can be made from a blank canvas, and how to proceed to make it a reality.

Photography really isn't so different; little choices can make all the difference between a shot that makes your car look like it should be framed and hanging on a wall, or just a haphazard snapshot. Actually, those little subtleties can even make a car appear more striking-it's all in the perspective. We happen to believe that there is a little bit of an artist or photographer in every car lover, which is why we set out the challenge for PHR rodders and readers in our July '10 issue.

This year we skimmed our top 50 favorites from the pile of entrants. As promised, 20 finalists will be getting a limited edition PHR Photo Contest Finalist t-shirt and license plate for their efforts. The runner-up will take away a box loaded with Mothers products to keep their ride shiny, and this year's big winner will have a complete set of any style Nitto tires rolling their way. If your entry didn't get chosen, all is not necessarily lost; keep an eye out because it may show up down the road in different sections of PHR. Congratulations to all 50 Photo Contest front-runners, and thanks for sharing your vision with the rest of us!