'72 Pontiac Trans Am
Bob Bertelsen, 49
Columbiana, OH
Type: GM L99 small-block
Block: factory block bored to 4.070 inches
Oiling: Melling oil pump, factory GM pan
Rotating assembly: Callies 4.000-inch forged
crank and 6.125-inch steel rods;
Mahle 11.2:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: factory L99/LS3 aluminum
castings with Mast 1.290-inch
beehive valvesprings
Camshaft: Mast 230/237-at-.050
hydraulic roller, .588/.607-inch lift,
111-degree LSA
Valvetrain: Mast cam phaser restrictors;
stock lifters and rockers
Induction: GM L99/LS3 intake manifold
and throttle body
Ignition: stock coils, MSD spark plug wires
Fuel system: custom tank,
Aeromotive pump and regulator
Exhaust: Sanderson 1.75-inch headers,
custom 2.5-inch H-pipe, dual Flowmaster mufflers
Cooling: stock water pump, custom shroud;
Flex-A-Lite radiator and dual electric fans
Output: 575 hp at 6,300 rpm
and 540 lb-ft at 4,600 rpm
Built by: Mast Motorsports
Transmission: Bowler 4L80E trans and
2,200-stall converter;
Cadillac DTS shifter
Rear axle: Chassisworks 9-inch rearend
with Moser 31-spline axles
and 3.25:1 gears
Front suspension: DSE front
subframe assembly, control arms,
coilovers, and sway bar
Rear suspension: DSE four-link
and coilovers
Brakes: Baer 14-inch discs with
six-piston calipers, front;
Baer 13-inch discs with
six-piston calipers, rear
Wheels: Rushforth Night Train
19x10, front; 19x12, rear
Tires: Nitto Invo
275/30R19, front; 345/30R19, rear