From the exterior, only two things set the car apart from the grandpa mobile that it was not so long ago. The stance is key. Combined with the wheel and tire package, the stance makes this car look just right. It's not so low that you suspect it can't be driven, yet it's not too high. And the tires fit without any body modifications, providing the maximum tire contact patch. This look also sums up what Kyle and Stacy desired for the car: It's something that anyone can duplicate without custom fabrication skills. It proves that you can have a great performing car on the road course that's also well suited for cross-country drives and daily commuting. And it can be done with bolt-on parts. It's even cooler that the stance and wheel/tire package are set off by the factory paintjob, complete with 45 years of parking lot door dings. Think of it as a muscle car rat rod minus the tetanus risk.

If the Tuckers can find time, they have plans to step up the rest of the car. Kyle commented that he'd like to install a modern LS engine and overdrive transmission. Stacy added that this 383 will need to be bronzed when it comes out. It's clearly served above and beyond, much like the Chevelle itself. We kind of hope they don't get to those plans too soon, as this car is cool just the way it is.

DSE Suspension
DSE developed key components on this '65 Chevelle for the front and rear suspension systems. Both the front and rear suspension systems were designed to provide modern handling characteristics for classic '64-72 GM A-bodies, but the desire was to not sacrifice ride quality in the process.

For the front suspension, the DSE team drew on the principles already popular for this chassis: Use a taller spindle and a shorter upper A-arm to improve the camber curve. Rather than trying to use a variety of production and aftermarket components, DSE engineered upper and lower A-arms and their own 2-inch drop spindle to create the exact suspension geometry they desired. DSE also does their own shock tuning, not relying on off-the-shelf settings. The latest version of this front suspension, the Speed Kit 3, includes coilovers with DSE shocks and springs, DSE splined sway bar, steering box, pump, and miscellaneous parts you'll need to add the updated steering. This complete kit is engineered to work together for a suspension and steering system that complements each other.

The rear suspension is also a complete system. The DSE control arms use a patented Swivel Link, which lets the axle articulate easily, thus avoiding roll bind. In addition, chassis braces connect the two forward mounting locations of the control arms for strength and rigidity. The Speed Kit 2 adds DSE coil springs, Koni shocks, and tubular rear sway bar. The new Speed Kit 3 converts the rear to DSE coilovers.