The car was due for unveiling at the Scottsdale, Arizona, Goodguys event at 9 a.m. on March 12. While the whole build was a thrash, the last couple of weeks ratcheted the pace up just a tad past insane. It was just two weeks before the planned debut of the Boss Snake and RPM still didn't have the front clip. The crew worked for the last 48 hours straight on the car to get it finished, and then hauled it from Warrendale, Pennsylvania, to Scottsdale, where we saw it for the first time. They unloaded the car at 8 a.m., so Ukasik says they had time to spare. On November 21, some lucky Goodguys member will draw the lucky key out of the hat at the Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona. That key will be the only one that starts the Kaase-built 520. At this point, we don't know who that lucky guy is, but we know he will have a silly grin plastered all over his face!

History of Goodguys' Giveaway Cars Goodguys is known for first-class car events, and they are also known for their giveaways. Starting with a Dick Magoo-built Model A roadster in 1987, and continuing through this year's spectacular Boss Snake, Goodguys has given away over 60 cars in the last 23 years. And these aren't Chevy Luminas that they are handing out; they are street rods and muscle cars built by people like Boyd Coddington, Barry Lobeck, Magoo, Roy Brizio, and other top names. Starting in 2006, Goodguys transitioned into muscle car giveaways, which included a '69 Camaro and a '70 Challenger designed by Chip Foose. Two other very noteworthy Goodguys giveaways include two mighty muscle machines from the Precision Coachworks/Ridetech stable-a '70 Chevelle in 2008, and last year's "Super Nova." Goodguys has also had a close relationship with Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler over the years and were the first to offer the Plymouth Prowler as a giveaway car in 1997, several tricked-out Dodge trucks, and later on, Dodge Magnums and a Charger SRT8. Everyone involved with the Boss Snake agrees that this year's car raises the giveaway car to a new level.