So What's Our Take?
The most refreshing thing we took away from nearly every builder was the evolving expectations of what a car should be. From mild to multimillion dollar, rods of every stripe are moving away from locked-away garages and enclosed trailers and onto the street. Whether that means occasional cruising, autocross, open track, or just driving it to work off and on, hot rods are expected to perform at a higher level than ever before.

That speaks close to our hearts, since PHR has always believed in building hot rods of any genre that are designed to be used and enjoyed. Insert your own definitions to that statement, but by all means, don't restore a muscle car or build a hot rod and ferret it away in the hope that it ages like a fine wine and goes up in value. What are you going to do, save your car for its next owner to enjoy? We're sure they'll appreciate getting a near new turnkey hot rod for much less than it could be built for, but what was in it for you?

Perhaps the most important thing we took away is to remember to ignore the trends and just build something that brings a smile to your face and never makes you regret or overanalyze the dollar value involved. That's not what matters in the end anyways; it's the enjoyment that it brought. Now that's timelessly cool.