'79 Delta 88 • Stan Townsend • Saskatoon, SK, Canada Big cars make better drivers. That's Stan Townsend's philosophy. As an Olds fan with two '49 fastbacks and an '85 Cutlass, he was struggling with what should replace his worn daily driver '79 Delta 88-until it occurred to him that what he needed was another '79 Delta 88. The rust-free B-body came from Montana and Stan has already embarked on building a perfect daily driver. The body has already been refinished in Chrysler Inferno Red and he's sourced an upgraded interior from a low-mile '79 Holiday 88. Combined with lots of Dynamat, a high-end stereo, and a torquey Olds Rocket engine, Stan will have a better-than-new 88 for year-round driving and cross-country road trips.

By The Numbers
Engine: '72 Olds 350ci, ported No. 6 heads, COMP Xtreme Energy cam
Trans: Specially prepped 200R4
Suspension: rebuilt stock except for Highway Patrol sway bars
Brakes: stock Olds
Rearend: 8.5-inch with 3.42 gears and Detroit TrueTrac
Wheels: 15x7 Olds Rally III
Future plans: a December road trip in the finished Delta to Palm Springs, California

'78 Nova • Kyle Leedy • Cumberland, MD As a college student, Kyle Leedy picked up a "booger green" '78 Nova six-cylinder with 56K on the clock, since it was cheap, economical, and offered plenty of hot rodding potential down the line. Of course education comes first, and during his senior year of college, Kyle made the wise decision to spend his hard-saved cash on an opportunity to learn overseas. Unfortunately, the trip exhausted his Nova fund as well. When he returned home, however, Kyle's dad and brother had a "welcome home" surprise; the Nova had a rebuilt 350 in it, '81 Camaro wheels, and a fresh paintjob. For less than $5K total investment, Kyle finally had his own unique hot rod worthy of cruise nights.

By The Numbers
Engine: 350ci, Summit Racing dual-plane intake, 600-cfm carb, and HEI ignition
Trans: stock TH-350
Suspension: stock GM
Brakes: stock discs in the front and drums in the rear
Rearend: stock with 2.73 gears
Wheels: 15x7 '81 Camaro Z28 painted black
Tires: Cooper Cobra radials
Future plans: An upgraded suspension that doesn't handle worse than a minivan and four-speed trans, but most of all Kyle says, "This summer I want to drive my car away from school, degree in hand, and enjoy the open road.