By The Numbers
Engine: 360ci four-barrel, Go Package
Trans: 727 TorqueFlite
Suspension: stock with Go Package handling upgrade
Brakes: stock power discs front, drums rear
Rearend: stock Twin-Grip limited-slip differential
Wheels: 15x7 AMC Rallye
Tires: Goodyear Eagle ST
Future plans: Thanks to the help of the AMC community, John hopes to have it on the road and in car shows this summer.

'70 Dart Swinger • Jesse Weir • Scottdale, PA A 340ci Chrysler small-block was the driving force behind Jesse Weir's Dart project. His father purchased it from his uncle as a Christmas gift for Jesse when he was 15, but it ended being a garage decoration for the next 10 years as Jesse went through high school, the military, marriage, and his first child. After a move he needed a spot to store the 340 and his uncle offered his garage-provided Jesse buy a car for them to drop it in. After scoring a '70 Swinger for only $800, they began the typical bodywork battle with holes hidden under putty. There's still a long way to go, but Jesse intends to stay pure for his Dart; he refuses to ride in anything that might spoil his first ride in the Swinger.

By The Numbers
Engine: 340ci, Eagle rods, Keith Black pistons, Summit Racing intake, Carter carb, Mopar Purple cam
Trans: 727 TorqueFlite
Suspension: stock
Brakes: discs up front and drums in the rear
Rearend: 83/4-inch with 3.91 gears
Future Plans: Jesse plans to share the memories and pass the knowledge he gains from building the Dart on to his son when he's old enough.

'75 Dart Swinger Chris Holley Montgomery, PA Riding with his dad in a '74 VW, 5-year-old Chris Holley was mesmerized when a hot '69 Dart GTS with a rumpity idle pulled next to the van at a light. From that day forward he was enamored with A-Body Mopars and picked up a '69 Dart when he was 20 that became his weekend drag toy. These days, Prof. Chris at Pennsylvania College of Technology still has the 11-second '69, but has decided to build a '75 Swinger for daily driving as well. This one is nearly the polar opposite of the '69, since it's a factory Slant Six with power steering, disc brakes, and A/C. Not a fast car, but a killer cruiser.

By The Numbers
Engine: 225ci Slant Six, stock rebuild, '76 Feather Duster 1-barrel Holley carb
Trans: 904 TorqueFlite
Suspension: stock front with KYB shocks, Super Stock leafs in the rear with KYB shocks
Brakes: original discs and drums
Rearend: 71/4 with 2.76 gears
Wheels: 14x7 Mopar steelies
Tires: 215/70R14 and 235/70R14 BFGoodrich
Future plans: Someday Chris hopes to pull alongside another young lad at a stoplight and cause him to exclaim, "Dad, look at that cool old car!"