By The Numbers
Engine: '84 360 ci, Summit Racing intake and 600 carb
Trans: 904 TorqueFlite with Hurst shifter
Suspension: stock
Brakes: factory discs and drums
Rearend: 83/4 with 3.50 gears
Wheels: 14-inch steelies
Tires: Cooper Cobra
Future plans: Once the 360 is in Philip plans on adding dual exhaust and eventually swapping in an A833 four-speed.

'68 Skylark GS Convertible Donald Wright • Gridley, CA This '68 Skylark GS doesn't have much story to tell yet. Before Donald Wright pulled it out of a field, it had been sitting there since 1971. All of the original paperwork, including a speeding ticket from the day it was bought, was found in the glovebox. Of course lots of metalwork was necessary, including quarters, floors, and trunk pan, but it's nearly all finished now. The car will appear fairly stock right down to the bench seat, but underhood it will be packing a Stage 1 455 ci. Donald is currently breaking the engine in with a test car, and reports it'll easily rip the tires loose at freeway speed.

By The Numbers
Engine: 455ci Stage 1, TA Performance Stage 2 heads with T&D roller rockers
Trans: Muncie M-21 four-speed mated to a Gear Vendors Over/Underdrive
Suspension: stock with PST polygraphite bushings
Brakes: stock
Wheels: 9- and 12-inch wide Centerline
Tires: 245/50R15 and 295/50R15
Future plans: If all goes well, the Skylark should be painted and getting reassembled by the end of this summer.

'69 Mustang Richard and Peggy Fenner Columbus, GA A friend of Richard Fenner's bought this '69 Mustang in 1971 in California and then drove it back to Maryland. He and Richard drag raced it in NHRA Stock Eliminator until 1977 when the Mustang went into storage. It reemerged in 1995 when Richard purchased it from his friend. After a little work, the engine fired up and Richard went back to the drags and bracket raced it until the engine blew in 1997. It went back into storage until 2005 when he decided to drop in a better-than-ever Windsor and add some more quarter-mile passes to the hundreds already racked up.