Factory Five GTM Mike DeGuire • Ballwin, MO The Factory Five GTM is a shining example of how to design a kit car right. While waiting for his GTM to arrive, Mike DeGuire tracked down a wrecked '00 Vette as a donor because the GTM uses the engine, ECM, major suspension components, and a long list of other parts from a '97-04 Corvette. With a low-slung tube chassis designed for competition, it's basically a DIY supercar. Better yet, selling excess parts from the Vette allowed Mark to upgrade to a 480hp GM LS crate engine. With that kind of power and only 2,400 pounds to push, 0-60 times could be in the sub 4-second range. Mark had the chassis ready for a spin around the block within a few months, and is currently spending extra time aligning panels and making a few custom parts, such as the grille and engine cover, to make his GTM even more unique.

By The Numbers
Engine: GMPP 6.2L LS 376/480
Trans: Porsche 933 six-speed transaxle with Brandwood cable shifter
Suspension: '00 Corvette with Koni coilovers
Brakes: '00 Corvette discs and calipers with Wilwood pedals and master cylinder
Wheels: 19-inch iForged GT2 three-piece
Tires: 245/35R19 and 305/30R19 Nitto Invo
Future plans: Mike enjoys the build, so once he finishes this one and puts a few miles on it, he plans to sell it and move on to another project.

'65 Impala SS • Scott Liggett • Los Angeles, CA Scott Liggett scored his '65 Impy for only $1,200, but it did need some love. The junkyard 350/TH-350 combo barely wheezed along, and in Scott's words, "Other niceties included power drum brakes with a bad booster, rusty turbo mufflers, a 10-bolt peg leg rear with 2.56 gears, 20-year-old JCPenney 175/75R14 whitewalls, and it only went into reverse when it felt like it." After suffering a few weeks, Scott swapped in a 383 stroker and built TH-350 from another project. As more speed parts and better cogs in the rear were added, the TH-350 was swapped for a GM NP440 four-speed trans for some gear bangin' fun. Eventually Scott wants the Impy to do it all, but for now, "the suspension is too soft for autocrossing, and too firm for drag racing, but I did end up with a car that is a blast to drive every time I turn the key."