'65 Impala Dan Gierke • Kiel, WI February 1968 is when this '65 Impala joined the Gierke family. Dan Gierke remembers going to pick it up and making his dad promise that if he ever wanted to get rid of it, Dan would have first dibs. In '74 Dan repaired a '71 Malibu wagon and swapped it for the Impala. From then on it became known as the wedding car because it only came out for special occasions and has only racked up 5K miles since then. Last year, Dan decided to give it a complete freshening up with new interior, rubber parts, paint, and a little more cam in the rebuilt 327 ci. Both of his sons, Josh and Jeremy, helped out, and Josh even handled the paint.

By The Numbers
Engine: 327ci, stock rebuild with a little step up in cam
Trans: Powerglide
Suspension: stock
Brakes: Classic Industries power discs up front, stock drums in the rear
Wheels: original GM steelies with Impala wire caps
Tires: Coker tires
Future plans: The Impala has to come back together soon because its attendance is mandatory for Dan's daughter Shana's wedding in July.

'65 Skylark GS Gilbert Wright Imperial Beach, CA After attending a cruise night and drooling over the cool cars in attendance, Gilbert Wright called his son and asked him to help restore his first muscle car. After talking for a while, they decided the '65 Skylark sitting in his son's backyard was perfect, He even had the perfect big-block Buick engine to drop in it. Interestingly, the data plate showed that the Skylark was one of only 1,100 Gran Sport pillar cars made in '65, making it an even more unique project. The Skylark is currently coming together in his son's garage 600 miles away, which limits their working time to three-day weekends once a month. But Gilbert can't complain; he's getting to spend quality time building something with his son.

By The Numbers
Engine: '68 430ci Buick, Edelbrock intake, Holley 600 carb
Trans: TH-400
Suspension: rebuilt stock
Brakes: '76 Camaro front discs, stock drums in the rear
Wheels: 16-inch third-gen Firebird wheels for now
Future plans: Gilbert's son also has a few interior upgrades planned for the car, including a '65 Buick console and '66 Chevelle bucket seats.