'63 Chevy II SS • Norm Kranz • Green Bay, WI A neighbor of a friend of Norm Kranz owned this Chevy II for the past 10 years, but it certainly didn't look like this. Norm noticed it, and bugged the owner about it a few times, but had always been turned down. Then one day, Norm decided to try a different tactic, he offered to restore the guy's '83 Cutlass that he had bought new in exchange for the Nova. To his surprise, the guy agreed. After a few months of hard work, the guy had a perfect Olds and Norm finally had the Chevy II in his garage. "If I wouldn't have asked the previous owner to trade a resto for the car, I wouldn't have ended up with my dream ride," Norm says. "Sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask."

By The Numbers
Engine: '74 454ci, COMP cam, ported stock heads, Edelbrock Air-Gap intake, custom headers
Trans: TH-400 with 10-inch converter
Chassis: full tube frame with 10-point cage, Competition Engineering ladder bar back-half, JW Rod Garage Mustang II front suspension
Brakes: discs on all four corners
Rearend: narrowed Ford 9-inch
Wheels: 15x3.5 and 15x15 vintage aluminum slot mags
Tires: 26-7.5-15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman and 32-17.5-15 Mickey Thompson ET Street
Future plans: After sorting out the chassis, Norm plans on building an 800hp blower engine, but it's still got to stay street driveable and have a back seat for the kids.

'97 Mustang GT Mark Telder • Sparta, MI May 17, 1967 was the first day Mark Telder could drive, and the first day he fell in love with Mustangs behind the wheel of a '65 coupe. Since then he's had quite a few ponies in his garage, but the realities of family life kept him from building something truly fast. Once the kids left home and he retired, Mark tracked down his "last hurrah" car, a '97 Mustang GT project fitted with a stroked Cobra engine. The cheap price of $3K left him $7K in his $10K budget for building the car. That'll be tight considering that he's hoping for single-digit quarter-mile e.t.'s, but we've learned to never underestimate resourceful hot rodders. The only part that Mark's farming out is the chassis and 'cage work so that he can be certain it's up to spec; the rest will be up to his ingenuity, and probably lots of boost.