By The Numbers
Engine: 292ci inline-six, stock rebuild
Trans: Powerglide
Suspension: stock rebuild with 2-inch drop spindles and 1-inch drop springs up front, 3-inch drop springs in the rear
Brakes: discs up front and drums in the rear
Rearend: stock 10-bolt
Wheels: 19- and 20-inch Rodtana 5ROC
Tires: as wide as he can squeeze in when it's finished
Future plans: proving to his wife that instead of a malicious money pit, the Chevelle will actually be an investment that they treasure down the road

'55 Chevy 210 • Mike McCormick • Abington, MA Thirty-four years tucked away in a western New York barn passed before the previous owners of this '55 decided to have it restored. After a two-year frame-off build with lots of money invested in upgrading every aspect from brakes to wiring, and paint to drivetrain, they drove it 17 miles back to the barn and parked it again. Four years later, Mike McCormick stumbled across the ad for it and decided he had a '55 Chevy-shaped empty spot in his barn. To date, Mike has fixed a few minor issues and recently procured a 485hp small-block to swap in. After that, adding a third pedal and stick to stir will change the '55's attitude nicely.

By The Numbers
Engine: 350ci, JE forged pistons, Crower cam and lifters, Dart heads, Pete Jackson geardrive, Edlebrock Victor Jr. intake, Holley 850 carb
Trans: 700-R4 with TCI converter
Brakes: disc brakes front and rear
Wheels: 15x7 chrome steelies
Tires: Kelly Springfield
Future plans: Once the drivetrain is providing more punch, the wheels will be swapped out for Centerline Auto Drags with Coker M&H Drag Masters in the rear and Mickey Thompsons in the front.

'69 Pontiac Firebird • Scott Livezey • West Des Moines, Iowa Proving that you can restore a car almost anywhere if you want to bad enough, cott Livezey does all the work on his '69 in his little townhouse garage, thanks to very understanding wife. Since this is his first restoration, and he's planning to drive the Firebird everyday that there is not snow on the ground, he's taking every part, nut, and bolt off of the car to make it good as new. Plus, since he lives in corn country, the original six-banger is being converted to run on E-85. Scott started tearing everything apart the day after Halloween 2008, and has been working on it steadily since then, and plans to be driving it again this summer.