By The Numbers
Engine: '69 396ci 375hp, roller rockers, Edelbrock Torker single-plane intake, Edelbrock 750 carb, ACCEL ignition and distributor
Trans: Powerglide
Suspension: stock with Edelbrock shocks and 11/18-inch sway bar
Brakes: factory power discs up front and drums in the rear
Rearend: 10-bolt with 3.73 gears
Wheels: 14x6 and 14x8 Cragar S/S
Tires: 225/70R15 BFGoodrich
Future plans: David's main goal is to never run out of things to tinker on and ways to constantly improve his Camaro.

'69 Camaro Ken Marchant Troutdale, OR Ken Marchant spent a week laughing at the Craigslist ad for this '69 Camaro and the ludicrous asking price of $2,000. Some misguided gearhead had dropped it on a homemade 4x4 frame back in the '70s. Despite that, Ken did end up with the contraption in his garage once the price was negotiated down significantly, after which he immediately removed from the frame. Since the body and chassis were so cut up, Ken has decided he may go with a NASCAR-esque, all-business kind of look, but with a few modern niceties like A/C and a five-speed.

By The Numbers
Engine: 454 ci
Trans: TH-400
Suspension: returned to stock Camaro
Brakes: stock power drums
Rearend: 10-bolt with 3.36 gears
Wheels: 14x6 steelies
Tires: 235/60R14 BFGoodrich Radial T/A
Future plans: Creating a Camaro for $10,000 or less that's different, and can be driven without worrying about damaging the finish or reducing its value

'69 Mustang • Ken True • Georgetown, TN Always being on the lookout for "field bloomers" is how Ken True spots his neglected muscle car projects. He'd racked up a few when his two sons, Nick and Austin, asked if they could have one of the cars when they turned 16. "No way," Ken thought at first, then he decided to make them a deal; if the boys were willing to put time and money into the car and work on it with him, Ken would give it to them for their 16th birthday. Nick, 16, immediately took him up on the offer and picked out this '69 Mustang. It's come a long ways with lots of bodywork and patching along the way, and the end is nearly in sight. The real goal all along, however, was for Ken to spend some quality time with his son and teach him to take pride in something he built.