For Jeremy and the rest of the Roadster Shop crew, the Challenger isn't their first crack at building a street rodded muscle car. Its LS7-powered '62 Corvette, dubbed C1RS, took home the 2009 Goodguys Street Machine of the Year award, and ripped up many an autocross course along the way. For seasoned street rod veterans like Jeremy, this muscle car stuff must seem way too easy. That's why if you ever start talking to him about his Challenger, you'll probably sound more excited about it than he does. While he most certainly appreciates what he's accomplished with the car, he also hails from a different league, where the typical best-in-show caliber muscle machine wouldn't even garner a second look on the indoor car show circuit. More than anything, that explains why the man is so confident, and why his cars reflect that aura of understated confidence. After all, as impressive as a 450-foot Albert Pujols home run may be, how excited would Pujols get about those long balls if he hit them off of minor league scrubs throwing 85-mph heaters?