By The Numbers
'67 Chevy Camaro
Charley Lillard
Woodland, CA
Total cost to build: $70,000

Type: Chevy 565 big-block
Block: Trick Flow aluminum block, bored to 4.600 inches
Oiling: Moroso oil pump, Steff's pan
Rotating assembly: Callies 4.250-inch forged crank and billet steel Callies rods;
forged 10.0:1 JE pistons
Cylinder heads: GM Performance Parts aluminum castings ported by Mark Stielow
Camshaft: unknown, solid roller
Valvetrain: unknown
Induction: Big Stuff 3 injection mounted in a custom-built, sheetmetal intake
Exhaust: 304 stainless by Wheel To Wheel, custom 2-inch with 3-inch collectors,
downpipes, and dual 3-inch stainless Borla XR-1 mufflers
Power adder: none
Fuel system: Bosch external pump, converted to Big Stuff 3 fuel injection
Ignition: MSD coil, billet distributor and plug wires
Cooling: Ron Davis radiator
Output: est. 500-plus horsepower (not dyno'd)
Built by: Kurt Urban
Transmission: ZF six-speed
Rear axle: Currie aluminum 9-inch rearend housing
with 35-spline axles, Tru-Trac and 3.89:1 gears
Front suspension: Koni coilovers with 550 lb/in coil springs,
DSE upper control arms, Corvette spindles
Rear suspension: 200 lb/in Landrum leaf springs, lowering blocks, Koni shocks
Brakes: Baer discs front and rear
Wheels: 17x8.5 ZR-1 Corvette, front;
17x11 ZR-1 Corvette, rear
Tires: F1 255/40R17 Goodyear Eagle, front;
F1 315/35R17 Goodyear Eagle, rear