'66 SHELBY GT350
Owner: John Levitz
Builder: Heath Elmer Restorations
Mesa, Arizona Total cost to build: $50,000-plus
Type: Roush 353IR
Block: Dart four-bolt, 8.2-inch deck
Oiling: Melling high-volume adjustable pump,
Aviaid 7-quart pan
Rotating assembly: Eagle forged 4340
steel crankshaft,
Wiseco forged pistons
with plasma-moly rings
and lightweight pins,
10.0:1 compression ratio
Cylinder heads: Roush/AFR 205 aluminum
Camshaft: Roush proprietary hydraulic roller
Valvetrain: 2.08-inch intake and 1.600-inch
exhaust stainless steel valves
Induction: Airaid custom-billet air cleaner,
Weber-style eight-stack induction system
Ignition: Mallory Dual Sync distributor
with Roush Calibration, MSD wires
Fuel system: Inglese eight-stack fuel injection,
ACCEL DFI, Bosch electric fuel pump
Exhaust: Doug's 15/8-inch headers,
dual 2.5-inch stainless steel exhaust
with X-pipe, Borla mufflers,
V-band flanges and clamps
Cooling: Griffin radiator
Output: 480 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque
Transmission: '66 Ford Top Loader four-speed,
Centerforce DFX clutch,
aluminum flywheel,
Hurst Competition/Plus shifter
Rear axle: 196 Ford 9-inch rearend,
3.50:1 gears;
Moser 28-spline axles,
ARP 1/2-20 studs
Front suspension: plated control arms,
limiter straps, roller bearings,
rod end strut arms,
SPAX adjustable shocks
Rear suspension: Cobra springs,
SPAX adjustable shocks,
Shelby Under Rider traction bars
Brakes: 11.3-inch Kelsey-Hayes rotors
and four-piston calipers,
functional front brake ducts,
21/2-inch Ford drums in the rear
Wheels: PS Engineering
15x7 front, 15x8 rear
Tires: BFGoodrich g-Force Sport
205/60R15, front; 215/60R15, rear