1967 Pontiac LeMans
Jim Alcorn, Central Point, OR
Best E.T.: 11.04/122.99
Rather than the classic father-to-son gift to keep a car in the family, this '67 Pontiac LeMans actually started in the hands of Jim Alcorn's son, Chris, who performed a minor resto on it to make a high school driver. After graduation, Chris' priorities changed, and he and Jim struck an agreement; Jim would buy it and the car would be parked for a year; if Chris wanted it back it would be his. The year passed, and Jim got started on making the LeMans into his toy.

The idea was to have a quick street car with a racy edge that didn't steal from the Classic LeMans lines. Mission accomplished, we'd say. The build was a slow process since Jim preferred to work on it in the snowy winter months, and drive it spring through fall to any and all events in the area. In fact, there have been many times when Jim drove to a cruise on Friday, showed it on Saturday, and raced it Sunday. How's that for a car guy's weekend? Jim prefers bracket racing in the Summit Series, and to date has made over 550 passes with more than 325 round wins. The biggest, however, was at the 2007 National Dragster Challenge, where Jim earned a Wally in the Pro Class. Occasionally, even Chris takes it down the 1320, and Jim told us, "I have to say, I have as much fun watching him drive his old high school car as I do driving it myself."

Jim's best race, however, was actually a loss. In the other lane was his 81-year-old dad in his 16-second Seville. The elder Alcorn was surprisingly quick on the light and Jim ended up breaking out of his time trying to catch up. Jim says, "He had the biggest smile, and I will cherish that moment and memory forever."

Jim Alcorn, 54 • Central Point, OR
Total cost to build: $24,966
Type: Pontiac 467ci big-block
Block: '71 Pontiac 400, bored .060
Oiling: Canton pan with high-volume pump
Rotating assembly: Eagle 4340 4.25-inch forged crank,
Eagle forged 6.800-inch rods,
Ross forged 10.4:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock aluminum heads
with Ferrea Ultimate Racing valves,
ported by Allin Specialties;
304 cfm at .600 (intake), 187 cfm
at .600-inch lift (exhaust)
Camshaft: COMP Cams solid roller,
242/247-at-.050, .559/.555-inch lift
Valvetrain: COMP Cams solid-roller lifters and springs,
1.5:1 Butler Performance aluminum rockers,
custom 5/16-inch pushrods with screw-in guides
and Butler Performance stud girdle with poly locks
Induction: Edelbrock Victor intake manifold,
Demon 1050-cfm carb
Ignition: MSD Pro-Billet distributor
Fuel system: fuel cell, Magna electric pump and regulator
Exhaust: Doug's ceramic-coated headers
Output: 389 rear-wheel horsepower at 5,150 rpm and 509 lb-ft at 3,200 rpm
Built by: Allin Specialties
Transmission: TCI Turbo 350 with a shift kit
and 10-inch 3,500-stall converter;
B&M Pro Ratchet shifter,
3-inch driveshaft with 1350 yokes.
Rear axle: GM 12-bolt rearend, 3.73:1 gears, Moroso Power Brute posi
Front suspension: stock with Moroso Trick springs and
Competition Engineering adjustable shocks
Rear suspension: Moroso springs, QA1 adjustable shocks,
air bags, four-link with adjustable
upper and lower control arms
Brakes: stock '67 discs front; stock '67 drums rear
Wheels: Weld 15x4, front; 15x8, rear
Tires: BFGoodrich 205/70R15, front;
M/T 275/60R15, rear

'67 Pontiac LeMans: $3,000
Paint and body: $2,800
Interior: $900
Rollbar: $1,300
Wheels: $380
Tires: $599
Engine, carb-to-pan: $8,600
Flywheel (SFI): $329
Trans: $1,100
Torque converter: $429
B&M shifter: $225
Trans cooler: $70
Headers: $790
Exhaust: $400
Fuel system: $550
Radiator: $279
Driveshaft: $325
Distributor: $250
Ignition box: $169
Plug wires: $75
Coil: $32
Rearend: $1,500
Front suspension $74
Rear suspension: $250
Gauges: $540
Total: $24,966