'69 Ford Falcon: $5,500
Paint & body: $0
Wheels: $350
Tires: $500
Engine short-block: $2,350
Cam: $300
Lifters: $310
Pushrods: $120
Rockers: $520
Cylinder heads (used): $1,900
Intake manifold: $220
Carburetor: $950
Distributor: $200
Ignition box: $200
Plug wires: $40
Oil pan: $220
Gaskets: $50
Headers: $745
Mufflers/collectors: $150
Fuel system: $450
Radiator: $600
Water pump: $370
Cooling fan: $200
Trans: $2,200
Torque converter: $900
Shifter: $230
Rearend: $2,500
Front suspension: $0
Rear suspension: $750
Brakes: $800
Gauges: $240
Total: $23,865


Lee Atkinson • Seabrook, TX
Total cost to build: $23,865
Type: Ford 425ci small-block Windsor
Block: factory Ford bored to 4.060 inches
Oiling: Melling oil pump, Moroso pan
Rotating assembly: Eagle 4.100-inch forged
crank and H-beam steel rods;
forged 10.7:1 Probe pistons
Cylinder heads: CNC-ported AFR inline
225cc castings with 2.08/1.60-inch valves;
325 cfm of flow at .800-inch lift
Camshaft: Ultradyne 243/251-at-.050
mechanical roller;
.630/.630-inch lift;
110-degree LSA
Valvetrain: COMP Cams lifters,
Probe 1.7:1 shaft-mount rockers,
Manley valvesprings,
Summit timing set,
and Smith Brothers pushrods
Induction: Professional Products
single-plane intake manifold,
Holley 750-cfm carb tuned by DaVinci
Fuel system: Mallory pump and pressure regulator
Exhaust: Ford Racing 1.75-inch long-tube headers,
custom 3-inch X-pipe,
dual 2.5-inch Goerlich mufflers
Cooling system: C&R radiator,
Meziere electric water pump,
Spal electric fan, custom shroud
Ignition: MSD 6AL box, Dave Ray distributor
Output: 557 hp at 6,100 rpm
and 540 lb-ft at 4,700 rpm
Built by: owner

Transmission: Ford 4R70W overdrive,
adapter plate,
Jay Broader billet 3,500-stall converter,
custom crossmember,
Baumann trans controller, Art Carr shifter
Rear axle: custom 9-inch rearend
with Detroit Truetrac differential,
Moser 31-spline axles and 3.50:1 gears

Front suspension: rebuilt stock
Rear suspension: Calvert racing leaf springs
and traction bars;
Competition Engineering shocks
Brakes: Aerospace Engineering 12-inch discs
and four-piston calipers,
front; stock drums, rear

Wheels: Centerline Convo Pro15x6
(3.5-inch backspace), front;
15x8.5 (3.5-inch backspace), rear
Tires: Kumho 205/65R15, front;
Mickey Thompson 275/60R15
ET Street Radials, rear