Ronald Silva • Alta Loma, CA
Total cost to build: $60,000
Type: Mopar Performance 406 crate motor
Bore: 4.02
Stroke: 4.00
Displacement: 406 ci
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Camshaft: 230/234-at-.050 hydraulic roller,
.501-/.513-inch lift
Crankshaft: Scat
Connecting rods: Scat I-beams
Cylinder heads: Big Valve Magnum R/T,
2.02-/1.625-inch valves
Intake manifold: Single-plane,
aluminum Mopar M1
Carburetor: Demon 4160-style Race RS
Headers: Owner-built, 1 5/8 x 1 3/4; x 1 7/8
with merge collectors
Mufflers: Walker Dynomax 3-inch Super Turbos
Ignition: MSD Digital 6
Oil pan: Milodon 7-quart
Output: 435 hp and 457 lb-ft.

Transmission: 904 with reverse
manual valve body,
ATI 8-inch 4,000-stall converter
built by Dave Smith
at Pro Trans (Lancaster, CA),
B&M Pro Stick
Rear axle: Mark Williams 9-inch
(51-inch flange-to-flange),
40-spline aluminum spool,
Currie Trac-9 third member
with 4.10:1 gears,
ultra-light gun-drilled 300M
alloy axles with titanium
5/8-inch studs and aluminum lug nuts

Front suspension: Front frame section boxed,
stock Valiant drum spindles,
and upper and lower control arms
(lowers with reinforcement plates),
adjustable struts, original,
Mopar Drag Race torsion bars,
Strange double-adjustable shocks,
'76 Dodge van large sector manual steering box
rebuilt with 16:1 fast ratio
Rear suspension: Greg Luniac Tri City Launcher
leaf springs mounted in framerails,
Strange double-adjustable shocks
Brakes: Mark Williams four-piston discs,
front and rear

Wheels: Weld Racing Alumastar 2.0,
15x3.5 front; 15x10 rear
Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Drag, front;
Hoosier QTP 15x11.5x28, rear