Rob Morell • Mountain View, CA
Total cost to build: $80,000
Type: Chevy 408 small-block
Block: Dart Little M, bored to 4.125 inches
Oiling: Moroso oil pump, Moroso 9-quart pan
Rotating assembly: Kryptonite 3.800-inch
billet crank and Oliver 5.85-inch billet steel rods;
forged 8.5:1 CP pistons
Cylinder heads: ported and polished Pro Action
235cc aluminum castings
with Inconel SI exhaust valves
and stainless steel intake valves
Camshaft: Kenny Duttweiler, custom-ground
260-at-.050 solid roller, .720-inch lift
Valvetrain: Jesel 1.6:1 shaft-mount
rockers and beltdrive;
Isky Tool triple valvesprings,
titanium 7-degree retainers
and Isky 7/16-inch pushrods
Induction: Edelbrock Super Victor
converted to EFI,
BigStuff3 fuel injection
with 160-pound injectors,
tuned by Don Bailey
Exhaust: custom stainless steel headers
and crossover made by Rob Morell,
welded by Joe "Polo" DeBattista
Power adder: Precision GT-47 88-millimeter turbo,
HKS GT2 wastegate,
AMS1000 boost controller with Co2
and custom air-to-air intercooler
Fuel system: Magnafuel pump and regulator,
Aeromotive filters
Ignition: MSD Digital 7531,
HVC coil and plug wires
Cooling: Howe radiator,
Meziere electric pump,
electric fan
Output: 1,200 hp and 900 lb-ft
Built by: Rob Morell; machine work
by Dave Haver Racing Engines

Transmission: TH400 auto with transbrake,
9.5-inch PTC 4,800-rpm
torque converter and
B&M Pro Stick shifter
Rear axle: Zimmerman Motorsports Fab9
rearend narrowed two inches
with 3.40:1 gears

Front suspension: Global West upper
tubular control arms,
Moroso Trick front springs,
Calvert Racing shock absorbers,
stock spindles modified
to accept Corvette brakes
Rear suspension: stock leaf springs and
CalTracs traction bars;
double-adjustable QA1 shocks
Brakes: 2004 Z06 Corvette front discs and
Aerospace Components rear discs

Wheels: Weld Racing Alumastar 2.0 17x4.5, front;
Billet Specialties 15x8, rear
Tires: M&H 26x4.5x17, front;
Mickey Thompson 28x7.5x15 ET Drag, rear