Throttle cable Lokar/Summit LOK-TC-1000U $35.95
Throttle cable bracket Summit SUM-210240 $56.95
14-inch flow-through air filter lid Summit SUM-239500 $40.95
Reusable air filter Summit SUM-239818 27.95
Air filter base plate (1.25-inch drop) K&N/Summit KNN-85-3549 $29.95
Aluminum screw-on breathers Moroso/Summit MOR-69788 $82.95 (ea.)
Breather tank Summit SUM-G1306 $24.95
Three-gauge kit (volt, water temp, oil press.) Summit SUM-G2889 $89.95
Maximum Performance shift-light tachometer Stewart Warner SWW-114110 $263.95
Aluminum valve covers Summit SUM-440600 $179.95
Aluminum radiator Summit SUM-380457 $251.95
Aluminum water pump pulley (single, LWP) Summit SUM-G3963 $30.95
Aluminum crank pulley (double, LWP) Summit SUM-G3966 $37.95
8.5-inch 10-bolt rearend installation kit Summit SUM-G7816 $65.95
TrueTrac differential, 28-spline, 8.5-inch, 10-bolt Eaton/Summit DTL-912A556 $409.95
3.73 ring-and-pinion gearset for 8.5-inch rear Summit SUM-741001 $134.95
Aluminum rear diff cover Summit SME-8510300 $134.95
Long axle studs, ½-inch -20 (set of five) ARP/Summit ARP-100-7704 (2) $12.95 (ea.)
Mechanical fuel pump, 130 gph Holley/Summit HLY-12-327-13 $87.95
Custom steel driveshaft Inland Empire n/a $438.00
Twist-Lok 1/2-inch hose (-8 AN), 25 feet Russell/Summit RUS-634203 $119.95
Twist-Lok 3/8-inch hose (-6 AN), 25 feet Russell/Summit RUS-634163 $106.95
Twist-Lok 5/8-inch hose (-10 AN), 6 feet Russell/Summit RUS-634413 $52.95
-6 AN straight Twist-Lok hose ends Russell/Summit RUS-624013 (2) $11.69 (ea.)
-6 AN 90-degree Twist-Lok hose end Russell/Summit RUS-624163 (1) $19.95
-8 AN straight Twist-Lok hose ends Russell/Summit RUS-624023 (5) $12.99 (ea.)
-8 AN 45-degree Twist-Lok hose end Russell/Summit RUS-624093 (1) $20.95
Fuel filter, -8 AN inlet and outlet Russell/Summit RUS-650103 $21.75
Carburetor dual-feed line, (-8 AN) Russell/Summit RUS-641153 $89.95
Carb spacer with vacuum port Mr. Gasket 4945 $23.95
HEI distributor with instant timing knob Performance Dist. ITK127212 $449.00
Ignition wires, 90° boot, over valve covers Performance Dist. C9053 $99.00
Billet wire looms Performance Dist. 9100 $59.00
Super Competition 13/4-inch long-tube headers Hooker/Summit HOK-2116HKR $384.95
Water pump, long-style Weiand/Summit WND-9241 $134.95
Water neck Summit SUM-G3800 $9.95
Pressure Master valve cover gaskets Earl's/Summit EAR-29E03BERL $49.75
Remanufactured Delco power steering pump Rock Auto 36516012 $72.49
Power steering pressure hose Rock Auto 80123 $16.59
Misc. supplies and fluids (Royal Purple throughout)   $175.00
Sell take-out 400ci engine and Turbo 350 trans -$1,100.00
Total: $3,430.36