Thanks to his extensive work on automatic transmissions for racing, Beswick found no difficulties hooking the modified M40 to a full-sized Pontiac rear with 3.90:1 gears. Depending on tire diameter, he would occasionally run with a set of 4.11s, but he found the 3.90 cogs best, especially with the 12-inch hard compound tires he preferred to use.

The Super Judge was completed in time for the '69 Super Stock Nationals at York, Pennsylvania. There were gremlins to chase, and Beswick spent most of his weekend at York working through the Super Judge's teething problems. After getting the kinks out of the car, he was able to turn mid 7-second e.t.'s at 175-185 mph. Later, when the Ram Air V heads were installed, Beswick broke into the 6-second bracket with speeds approaching 200 mph.