1989 Trans Am GTA * Tim Kohlmeyer * Westminster, CO
When Tim Kohlmeyer found his '89 Trans Am in 1997, he wasn't looking for a car, but it was love at first sight. "I caught a slight glimpse from the corner of my eye while driving home one day, and BAM! Stick a fork in me, because I was done!" The GTA had the hood, wheels, taillights, interior, and everything else Tim liked, so he bought it without even balking at the price. At first, the plan was to build a healthy 383 with AFR heads and a Stealth Ram intake, but the LS bug bit hard. All set to buy a new L92 in a crate from Scoggin-Dickey, Tim heard about a derailed train with a load of new L92s that were slightly damaged. He got one for half price, and only had to replace the damaged intake manifold! For more, check out Tim's buildup at the site listed in the spec box.

By The Numbers
Engine: 6.2L L92 Gen III
Transmission: T-56 six-speed
Suspension: BMR
Brakes: Baer Brakes
Wiring harness: Cadillac Escalade
Website: tinyurl.com/c2pl8k
Special thanks: wife (Sheila), and Mark Wells

1965 Impala Wagon * Scott Bura * Davis, CA
"The minivan has served us well, "writes Scott Bura, "but it was getting time to search for a replacement. I wanted something fun, and that seated at least six. No SUVs. No trucks. Nothing fit the bill, so we started looking at classic wagons. I figured we could build a wagon for about what a new SUV costs." The answer for the Bura clan turned out to be the '65 Chevy Impala nine-passenger wagon you see here. Since the wagon will be driven regularly with a load of precious cargo, Scott is refurbishing it with modern four-wheel disc brakes and master cylinder. A fuel-injected 6.0L Gen III LS engine and 4L80E transmission from an '04 2500HD truck will also be transplanted. "The overall vision is to build a factory-appearing car. That doesn't mean a sleeper. It's using colors and materials the factory would use."

By The Numbers
Engine: 6.0L Gen III LS, from Schram’s in Michigan
Transmission: 4L80E
Suspension: Air Ride, CPP, Hotchkis, Energy Suspension
Brakes: Baer Track, CPP master cylinder
Rear: 12-bolt, 3.31 gears
Wheels: Billet Specialties Rat Tail (17x8.5, 18x9.5)
Tires: run flats, TBD (245/45R17, 275/40R18)

1963 Chevy Impala * David Brownell * Tucson, AZ
"At first, my intention was to keep it simple, and make a nice restored driver [for my son, Ryan]," writes David Brownell. "I started teaching Ryan the basics, like rebuilding the carburetor, all the drum brakes, packing the bearings, rebuilding the suspension, and so on." That was 13 years ago, and a lot has changed--in fact, nearly everything has changed, and the car has yet to hit the road! Among the changes are a new overdrive 700-R4 trans, a built 400 small-block, Ford 9-inch rear, boxed trailing arms, custom radiator core support, hydroboost power brakes, drop spindles, hidden wiring, new gauges, Mercedes Brilliant Silver and Viper Yellow paint, Lexus seats, custom center console, new door panels, side-exit NASCAR-style exhaust, shaved door handles, and more.